With the free online comparison calculators of Versicherungen mit Kopfyou can easily filter out, enter or change the best insurance rates with your laptop/computer and save money.

“Not every insurance should be taken out on the Internet – e.g. disability insurance or private health insurance. But many other insurances, in the field of non-life insurance, can now be taken out without any problems on the Internet.”

The most used comparison calculators at a glance

Car insurance

Switch & Save is King every year!

Private liability insurance

Does so much and is so cheap!

Legal protection insurance

Lawyers are expensive – good legal protection is not!

Dental supplementary insurance

So that you can shine for the life!


Your hab & good: well & cheaply insured!

Private health-

supplementary insurance

Upgrade your health!

Accident insurance

Prepared for all (un)cases!

Animal owner’s liability

He just wants to play…*Osch*

“With online comparison calculators, it’s quick and easy to get the right insurance”

Insurance on the Internet is almost normal nowadays. Enter a few dates, click on a few times, select the best result, maybe quickly look at a performance comparison and then you complete the insurance in another 5 minutesSIMPLE, FAST & SAFE.

Through our videos about the individual insurances you can first acquire the necessary knowledge and then take out the appropriate insurance yourselfwithout contacting an insurance company or an insurance intermediary. This combination makes insurance easier than ever before. However, there are insurance policies that you should not (yet) take out on the Internet. Why? Because these insurancepolicies are too complex, raise many questions when filling out the application, and simply have to be tuned too individually to be done with a few clicks on the Internet. Especially when it comes to questions about your health, which need to be filled in very precisely. In our opinion, these insurance policies include:

  • Occupational disability insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Risk life insurance
  • certain pension contracts (Riester, Rürup, occupational pensions)

If you miss an online calculator on this website, it is because we believe that a detailed consultation on this insurance product is included. So if you are looking for one of the above insurance products, then simply use the free
online consultation
by Bastian. Same conditions as with an online degree, plus a detailed, independent and free online consultation for you – via Skype, phone, Facetime etc.