How good are the insurance benefits of the American Express Platinum Card?

Which insurance sanders are exactly there with the American Express Platinum credit card, how good are they really and therefore the annual fee of 600€is worthwhile?

In this blog article, you’ll find out exactly which insurance salines the
American Express Platinum
Credit Card (Germany) includes and how good these insurances are. As an insurance broker, I will also examine whether the insurance companies also justify the annual fee of 600€ for the Platinum credit card.


One thing in advance: I myself am the owner of the
American Express Platinum Card
and very satisfied. This should speak for itself. But let’s take a look at everything in peace:

The American Express Platinum Credit Card – the king of German credit cards

Among the credit cards with top performance available in Germany, the AmEx Platinum is definitely at the top. This could also explain the proud annual fee of 600€.

Quick overview of the services of the American Express Platinum credit card

  • Platinum Service
  • Extensive insurance package
  • Up to 5 free additional tickets, e.g. for partners
  • Annual online travel credit of 200 euros
  • 2 Priority PassTM Memberships
  • Status Upgrades & Privileges – with Exclusive Partners

  • Valet Parking and Car Rental Valet Service – discounted

For me personally (and my wife) the two PriorityPasses, which gives us free access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide (worth more than €600), the extensive insurance package (more on that) and the status upgrades at hotels, the key criteria for getting us the American Express Platinum credit card. Because I am very busy in my career and my wife is at least her family in the USA. visited once a year, we easily bring the 600€ annual fee back in.

The insurance package of the American Express Platinum credit card

Especially the insurances that AmEx Platinum brings with it should be really good. In the following I took a close look at all the insurances included and at the end i made a conclusion.

International travel health insurance (with card use)

  • Return transport, hospital visit, child recovery e.g. 200€ per night
  • Funeral abroad or transfer of the deceased 2,500€
  • Search & Rescue Costs 150,000€
  • Medical treatment costs, hospital stay unlimited
  • Max. for 120 days
  • Deductible: 10% of the refundable damage per insured event and per insured person, but at least 100€ per insured person, maximum 500€

Private Liability & Litigation Costs Insurance (with card use)

  • Liability cover sum for personal/property damage 1,000,000€
  • Legal defender costs 25,000€
  • Legal costs to obtain compensation after accident or illness 25,000€

Travel cancellation / cancellation insurance (with card use)

  • Travel cancellation, postponement & no-go of your trip 6.000€
  • Travel cancellation & travel interruption 6,000€
  • Deductible: 10% of the refundable damage per insured event, but at least €100 per insured person

Travel accident insurance (with card use)

  • For the case of invalidity (pro rata, depending on the degree of disability) 75,000€
  • For the death 75,000€
  • For the death (children up to the age of 16) 15,000€

Car rental insurance (full insurance) (with card insert)

  • Motor vehicle liability insurance for rental cars excl. USA 750,000€
  • Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance for Car Hire in the U.S. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Full car hire (CDW) 75,000€
  • Deductible: €200 per insured event of the refundable damage
  • IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Due to the services you do not have to take out additional or optional insurance with the car rental company, which includes: – waiver of claims for accidental damage (CDW) – waiver of claims for loss of loss (LDW) – elimination/reduction of excess (Super-CDW/-LDW) – Theft protection (TP) – Increase/supplement of liability (SLI) – Personal Accident Insurance (PA) (see “Travel Accident Insurance Benefits”) €200 of the refundable damage. Insurance cover exists at home and abroad.
  • There must be a journey, so that the car rental insurance takes effect. Definition of travel according to conditions: A trip paid for with your American Express Platinum Card outside your home country or a trip paid for with in your American Express Platinum Card within your home country, which includes a flight or at least one previously booked night outside your home.

Luggage insurance (travel baggage, money & travel documents) (with card insert)

  • Max. per trip 3000€
  • Max. per thing/pair 750€
  • Max. for money & travel documents 750€
  • Max. for money & travel documents for children under 16 years 75€
  • Deductible per insured event 10% of the refundable damage, but at least 100€ per insured person

Travel comfort insurance

  • Missing departure, delay, failure, overbooking, missed connection, missed connecting flight – each without alternative in 4 hours 200€
  • Luggage delay after 4 hours 400€
    • after 48 hours additional 400€

Vehicle Assistance/Protection Letter (with card insert)

  • Repair & towing, spare parts shipment, vehicle return, vehicle storage without limit
  • Additional accommodation costs 200€ per night, max. 3
  • Transport costs & overnight stay with car collection 200€ per night, max. 3

Platinum Card Purchasing Insurance Benefits (with card insert)

  • Platinum ShopGarant max. in 12 months 10,000€
  • Replacement within 90 days of purchase until Max. 2,000€
  • Excess per claim 50€
  • On& offline return policy max. in 12 months 1,500€
  • Per item from a value of EUR 30 up to a value of 400€

All insurance benefits incl. Conditions

If you would like to view in detail all insurance services that come with the American Express Platinum credit card, you will find all the information incl. Insurance. I recommend that everyone read them once, so that in the event of a sudden the evil awakening does not come, because one has not fulfilled certain conditions for the travel insurance to take effect.

Tops & Flops of American Express Platinum Insurance Benefits

The American Express Platinum definitely has some “insurance delicacies” with it, which are absolutely sensible and clever. However, not all insurance benefits included are really “TOP”.

Nice meant, but…

The following insurance services of the AmEx Platinum credit card are quite nice, but nothing more. If things really get tough, then unfortunately these performances are not enough.

  • Private liability insurance
    • with a cover amount of just 1.5 million € one can unfortunately not take this insurance really seriously and it does not replace a proper private liability insurance. At least €5 million of hedging should already be there. My own private liability insurance, for example, has a cover of €50 million and is still very inexpensive and offers me (uninterrupted) worldwide protection for 5 years
  • Travel accident insurance
    • travel accident insurance does not come close to “real” accident insurance. The coverage amounts are far too low. €75,000 for full disability – you can’t really do anything with that. Thus, this insurance benefit definitely does not replace ordinary accident insurance. The death rate alone in the event of an accidental death of €75,000 is high – actually too high. It would have been better to increase disability benefits.

Strong protection that is really useful:

However, there are also insurance benefits that make my heart beat faster as an insurance broker and frequent traveller.

  • Full insurance car rental
    • Above all, the full insurance for rental cars up to 75,000€. That’s a board!!! Because it’s this type of car rental insurance that costs a small fortune (especially in the U.S.) if you book it (which you should do if you don’t have an American Express Platinum credit card). I was able to use this already and saved myself for 2 weeks of rental car in Hawaii a sloppy 350€!
  • Cancellation of travel – / Travel cancellation insurance
    • If you know my videos or my Youtube channel, you may know that I am absolutely opposed to taking out luggage insurance and that cancellation or cancellation insurance really only make sense in individual cases and are usually expensive. The fact that these insurance saders now come with the American Express Platinum and are even insured up to 6,000€ per person per trip is accordingly excellent. Especially for me as a frequent traveller an absolutely pleasant luxury, if I can’t start a trip (illness, death, etc.) or have to cancel a trip due to illness.
  • International travel health insurance
    • The next insurance policy in the federal government that has convinced me is the international travel health insurance, which is included with many credit cards. Medical treatment costs and hospital stays in unlimited amounts are covered here. Very good! The medically necessary return transport is also covered.
  • Vehicle Assistance
    • This insurance benefit can also be very useful, especially if you do not have a cover letter with you in your own car insurance. If you stay with your car from 50 km from your place of residence, you will receive help immediately. American Express will take you to the nearest workshop, to a good hotel or maybe to your destination. Europe.

My personal conclusion on american Express Platinum’s insurance benefits

What is my final conclusion on AmEx Platinum’s insurance benefits? Is the €600 annual contribution worth it for this reason alone?

For me, as an insurance person who also knows insurance prices relatively well and puts them in relation to what American Express Platinum costs per year and what insurance benefits are included, it looks like this:

Would I sign up for American Express Platinum only because of the insurance package? Comes to :-D In my personal case: No. In my opinion, the benefits are not extensive enough for this. This looks very different for someone who is really on the road as an entrepreneur and often needs rental cars (please note the above instructions on car rental insurance). Here you have the 600€ annual fee of the card already after 2-3 rental cars out again, if you can save the full insurance there.

In other words, it is rather the individual insurance benefits that can make sense for you, rather than the “total package”. In my case, above all, the full insurance of the rental car and the luggage and travel cancellation or cancellation insurance. We could have used the travel comfort insurance only recently, when my wife’s luggage arrived only a whopping 3 days later (unfortunately we didn’t have the AmEx Platinum there yet).

And this “bonus” in the form of insurance cover in combination with the two free Priority Passes in the highest level and the travel credit of 200€ each year make the American Express Platinum the perfect credit card for me, with which I can easily get the 600€ annual fee back. The reward points are not included yet.