Welcome to the official insurance with head appointment request page for the area of occupational disability insurance / basic disability insurance!

You can use this page to send us (Bastian and the VMK consultant team) an appointment request for disability insurance / basic ability insurance.

You landed on this page because you are either specifically looking for basic skills insurance or because you had to answer one or the other health question with “YES” in our “BU quizz” and you may have previous illnesses to be checked.

We have a special one for precisely these cases VMK Existence Protection Service set up for you so that we can check your insurability together with you.

Our Free VMK Existence Protection Service offers you the following services:

  • Discussion of the appropriate coverage for your workforce
  • Anonymous check of your insurability
  • Creation of suitable offers for you
  • Support from a VMK expert through to the final conclusion of the insurance

If you the VMK Existence Protection Service would like to take advantage of this, please send us an appointment request using the contact form below.

You may be wondering about some information that we need from you in advance, but all information is very important for an optimal preparation on our part for the appointment with you :-)