There are hundreds of different banks in Germany. Which one is the best German bank for English speakers? We know the answer – keep reading!

The one thing everybody moving to Germany needs is a German bank account. You might even need a „special“ German bank account for English speakers.

You need it to pay rent, the electricity bill, your mobile phone contract, internet etc.

But choosing the right bank is quite difficult in Germany, especially when you do not speak German!

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Rule Nr. 1: Don’t go to “Sparkasse”, “Raiffeisenbank” & Co.

I would not recommend going to one of those branches. If you don’t speak German, it will be a very frustrating experience!

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Germany is a great country, known for top-of-the-line cars and excellent infrastructure. However, Germany has awful customer service.

How do I know? I’m German and my wife, Samantha, is American. She’s told me this multiple times. And she’s right. We’ve both seen first-hand Germany’s poor customer service.

When Samantha was trying to open a bank account in Germany, it was nearly impossible to find someone who spoke fluent English. We couldn’t even find application forms in English. At first, it seemed like there were no good German bank accounts for English speakers.

Fortunately, we found a great bank for English speakers in Germany!

0% Stress – The Best German Bank Account For English Speakers

If you are looking for a German bank account that has zero fees, English customer support and is easy to open in only a couple of minutes from home, then you’re at the right place. You will find the answer in the next paragraph!

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When my wife, Samantha, came to Germany a couple of years ago, the first thing she needed to do was get a German bank account. We tried „Sparkasse“ (one of the largest banks with branches all around Germany), but Samantha pointed out that it would be difficult to have a bank account with everything in German. 

For example, it would be nearly impossible for Samantha to get reliable customer support in English if she had problems with her bank account. So we looked for an alternative. And we found one.

We came across N26, a German bank based in Berlin. N26 is an online bank, meaning there are no branches. Why are there no N26 branches? Because you do not need them! Everything is super simple AND IN ENGLISH! Awesome, right?!

So we opened up a N26 bank account from our couch at 9:25 pm on a Friday. Where ever you are now, you can do the same! I promise, it is really simple!

If you want to find out more about the N26 bank account, you can read this article.

Or you can directly go to N26 and open your free bank account today!

If you need a step-by-step instruction on how to open a bank account in Germany, you will find it here.

Why is N26 a great choice for expats?

There are the obvious reasons like customer support and a mobile app in English… but there are a couple other great features of N26 that not all banks have – and that really make a difference for expats.

What makes N26 a really great bank for expats is that you can open your N26 bank account without having official residency in Germany! This might seem small at first, but trust me, this feature makes a huge difference, especially for expats. But… why?

A lot of German banks won’t let you open a German bank account unless you can show them that you’re an official resident of Germany. But you’ll also find that many property owners won’t rent you a flat unless you have a German bank account! That leaves you stuck in the middle. And it can be frustrating! So N26 stepped in to make things a little easier. They’re a modernized and innovative bank. With N26, you don’t have to have an official residency in Germany to get a bank account.

You can get ahead of the game by opening an N26 account before you even arrive to Germany. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about when you get there. Then you’ll have more time and energy to focus on things like getting legal insurance, health insurance and liability insurance.