Simply calculate the pension gap yourself

Will the legal one be enough for you later on? Hardly, that much is already clear today. What is not so clear is HOW MUCH the statutory pension will not be enough for you later on.

So it’s better to make a little private provision. Better is this.
But this is exactly where most people make a glaring mistake:
What is the point of a pension insurance into which you pay € 50 or € 100 per month, which later predicts a monthly pension of € 150 or € 250 if your actual, inflation-adjusted pension gap is € 500?
Then it will still be pretty tight later …
You will have to limit your life financially in many areas. Unfortunately, there won’t be much left of the “I’ll do it all later when I retire”. You may then have a lot of time, but the necessary change will not be enough.

But now something positive:


At least not for you, because you are obviously interested in this topic and can take action today so that you will be better off financially than most of the Germans.
Yes, you read that right. A large part of the German population is looking forward to a great wave of old-age poverty – but still does not act.
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You can read it in umpteen studies, for example by the Bertelsmann Foundation “Development of old-age poverty until 2036” or by very simple mathematics, which prove that even today’s average earner will later scratch the poverty line or even fall below it (see also a Article of the Westphalian Post , where you can find a lot more articles on the net)
That’s how we are, we Germans. Even if the “financial child has obviously fallen into the well”, we still think that Dad will judge instead of him.
For all dream dancers here again in plain language:
NO, it won’t!
You are on your own!
Either you act independently and take your retirement provision into your own hands or you look for the best spots for collecting returnable bottles!
And whoever still says that is just the stupid gossip of an insurance man who only thinks of his commissions and plays the “game with fear” … yes, that is simply no longer helping and probably does not know my strong objective Views from my Youtube videos – Understand first, then insure ;-)
So, that was my speech that had to go out. Sorry for the direct words. But someone just had to say / write that. Because the people who should tell you (politicians, for example) don’t do it or do it only insufficiently.
(Note; Isn’t it interesting that the people who will never be dependent on statutory pension insurance decide what happens to the statutory pension, whether there are increases or decreases … hm … very exciting, I think I * cough *)

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