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Are your insurance contracts really good?

Does your disability insurance really meet all of the important criteria?

Does your pension or life insurance cost too much?

Can your Riester pension really generate real returns?


Millions of insurance contracts in Germany are either too expensive, contain unfavorable clauses for you as a customer or simply cannot build up real retirement provision for you due to high costs and poor performance.


The probability that such a contract is slumbering in your insurance files is very high. In order to support you in finding potentially bad contracts, we at insurance companies have the free contract check introduced.

After the successful introduction of the free RiesterCheck and free BUCcheck, we also introduced a general contract check due to the high demand from our customers.

We check the following insurance contracts completely free of charge and without obligation for you

Occupational disability insurance

Riester pension

Basic pension / Rürup pension

Index policy

Unit-linked pension insurance

Capital life insurance

ETF pension insurance

Education insurance

Life insurance

What exactly does the free contract check do for you?

In about 600 online consultations we have found that many people have disability insurance or pension and life insurance, but some of them do so bad are that you could actually save the contribution, or in the end nothing will come out for you.

Contracts with disadvantageous clauses for customers or with simply too high costs on the one hand and no return opportunities on the other – an absolute nightmare for your retirement provision.

That’s exactly why we take from Insurance with a head your existing insurance contracts in our Contract check under the microscope and evaluate your contracts together with you. This is unique in Germany.


We check the following points (depending on the type of contract) of your insurance contracts in our contract check:

  • Does the duration of your BU contract fit (up to retirement age)?
  • is the insured BU pension appropriate for your situation?
  • is your BU too expensive compared to the market?
  • can your pension / life insurance generate real returns?
  • Are all important conditions of a good private pension insurance met (e.g. 100% guaranteed pension factor)
  • Are the costs of your pension / life insurance too high?
  • and much more.

How exactly is the contract check process?

1. Send us some information in advance using the contact form below.

With the information requested below, we can make an initial assessment of your contract and begin our research.

2. We’ll get in touch with you

As soon as we have made an initial assessment, Bastian or one of the VMK experts will by phone get in touch with you. In a short conversation there are a few more requested further information, which can be clarified more quickly in a conversation than by email. Due to the current high number of inquiries for a contract check, it is possible that someone will not get in touch with you about the contract check for a few days. We ask for a little patience here :)

3. Final evaluation of your contract

We will then evaluate your contract based on the additional information and documents. We basically do this according to the four-eyes principle. In this way we ensure that a contract is optimally evaluated and only then is a recommendation made. After the judgment on the contract has been made, we will contact you again and explain exactly why and why we would leave the contract or change / optimize it.


Important instructions:

Should the New conclusion of a disability insurance or pension insurance, etc. be for you, then you will not incur any additional costs for the contract check. We receive our remuneration from the respective insurer for a new contract. If the contract check shows, for example, that you are with another provider better and cheaper can be insured, you save money in the end and we receive our remuneration separately from the respective insurer. This creates a WIN-WIN situation for you and us.

However, if the contract check shows that your Contract is really good and you should keep these, arise too no additional costs for you through the contract check. This is and remains free to you!

transparency is very important to us in everything we do. So there are no surprises in the end. We hope you feel the same way. :-)

For 45% of the contracts in our contract check, we recommend that the contract should continue to exist because it is really good.

Bastian Kunkel Founder of insurance companies with a head