In this expert article you will find out how a daily hospital benefit or daily hospital benefit insurance works exactly. In addition, we explain the benefits of this insurance for hospital stays and at the end you will also find out our specific tariff recommendation for a daily hospital allowance without any health questions, which you can easily apply for online.

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Overview of expert articles on daily hospital allowance

How does the daily hospital allowance work?

What can you use the daily hospital allowance for?

How much daily hospital allowance should you insure?

Differences to daily sickness allowance

Daily hospital allowance in private accident insurance

Cost of daily hospital allowance

Daily hospital allowance without health issues

Frequently asked questions

How does the daily hospital allowance work?

A daily hospital allowance is a private supplementary health insurance that anyone with statutory health insurance can take out. Even those with private health insurance can take out this supplementary health insurance in addition to their private health insurance.

The insured daily rate is paid for each day in hospital

The benefits of a daily hospital benefit insurance are explained very quickly. You will be paid the insured daily rate per day of inpatient stay in the hospital. For example, if you have taken out a daily hospital allowance of 40 euros, the insurance will pay you 40 euros for every day in the hospital. If you stay in hospital for 10 days, this is 400 euros.

Additional payment of 10 euros per day hospital required

If you are a member of a statutory health insurance, you have to make an additional payment per day of inpatient stay in the hospital. This is currently 10 euros per day. This additional payment is limited to a maximum of 28 days. This means that you can pay a maximum of € 280. A daily hospital allowance of 10 euros, for example, could then exactly offset these costs. But in the hospital there are of course other costs besides the co-payment. More on that in a moment.

What can you use the money for?

The daily hospital allowance is at your disposal. That means you can use it for whatever you want. You can use it to finance additional hospital amenities or spend the money on your new TV. There are no restrictions here.

More comfort possible with daily hospital allowance

A daily hospital allowance gives you more comfort in the hospital. Especially if the hospital stay is longer. Here are a few possible examples:

  • Upgrade to a double bed (approx. 50 € per day) or single room (approx. 100 € per day)
  • TV costs
  • Internet costs
  • other daily expenses (newspaper, coffee, cake, errands in the kiosk)

Even without an upgrade to a twin or single room, the daily costs in the hospital quickly amount to 20-40 euros. [

How Much Should You Cover?

There is actually no real requirement for this. It is best to always secure exactly as much daily hospital benefit as you think you will need.

If you only want to secure the additional payment of € 10 in the hospital, it is sufficient if you take out a daily hospital allowance of € 10.

Insurance between 15 and 30 euros is often chosen

If you want to add a few more “amenities”, you should cover more accordingly. Most coverage is between € 15 and € 50.

The monthly contributions for a daily hospital allowance insurance will probably also be decisive in terms of the amount of the daily hospital allowance. We’ll also look at these later.

Differences to daily sickness allowance

Very often we confuse the daily hospital allowance with the daily sickness allowance. Admittedly, the two words are very similar. The only difference is a “house” in the daily hospital allowance. But this difference also makes the first important difference to the daily sickness allowance clear.

Daily sickness allowance is also paid outside of hospitalization

Unlike the daily hospital allowance, the daily sickness allowance is also paid when you are sick but not in the hospital. This means that with the daily sickness allowance, it does not matter whether you are sick at home or in the hospital. The agreed daily rate is always paid here as long as you are officially on sick leave.

Payment of the daily sickness allowance usually from the 43rd day of sickness

As a rule, however, the private daily sickness allowance is not paid from the 1st day of sickness, but often only from the 43rd day of sickness. Because exactly then the 6 weeks continued wage payments from the employer are over for an employee and you only receive sick pay (paid by the statutory health insurance). This is usually around 70-80% of the previous wage. The private sick pay then closes this gap in income.

Daily hospital allowance is paid from the first day in the hospital

The daily hospital allowance, on the other hand, is paid directly from the first inpatient day in the hospital. But only if you are really in the hospital. That is why such tariffs are usually a lot cheaper than daily sickness allowance insurance. But more about that in a moment.

Daily hospital allowance in private accident insurance

You may have read or heard that you can include a daily hospital allowance in a private accident insurance.

However, we advise against this and always recommend a separate daily hospital allowance insurance. There is a simple but important reason for this.

Benefits are only available if there has been an accident

The daily hospital allowance in a private accident insurance is only paid out if you are hospitalized as an inpatient due to an accident. Otherwise not.

For example, if you were to be in hospital for 10 days due to a planned operation, you would not receive any benefits from the daily hospital allowance in the private accident insurance. Because there was no accident.

The costs

But what exactly are the costs for a hospital daily allowance insurance? We have listed various sample calculations for you below. We have calculated this with our favorite provider for daily hospital allowance insurance (without health issues). Assumed year of birth 1990 (30 years).

krankenhaustagegeld dkv krankenhaustagegeldversicherung ohne gesundheitsfragen - Daily hospital allowance - benefits, costs and tariff recommendation
dkv krankenhaustagegeld ohne gesundheitsfragen krankenhaustagegeldversicherung Kopie - Daily hospital allowance - benefits, costs and tariff recommendation

Daily hospital allowance without health issues

Usually there are also health issues when taking out daily sickness allowance insurance. This is the general rule for Supplementary health insurance .

However, there are also providers of daily hospital benefits who completely forego health issues.

Daily hospital benefit insurance without health issues is recommended

This has some really essential advantages for you:

  • you cannot provide false or incorrect information about your state of health when concluding the contract. Unfortunately, this is always a problem with supplementary health insurance
  • By eliminating health issues, all existing pre-existing illnesses are automatically included in the insurance. It doesn’t matter what pre-existing illness it is. This can be a real “lifeline” for many people if they would otherwise not have received any insurance cover due to previous illnesses

Our tariff recommendation for daily hospital benefit insurance

With our tariff recommendation (DKV KHT) you can insure up to 65 euros per day without any health questions being asked. This is quite a decent amount.

For the reasons mentioned above, we would always prefer a tariff without health issues. In retrospect, there can be no inconsistencies with regard to the state of health at the time of taking out the daily hospital allowance.

Frequently asked questions