Save cleverly with the following supplementary dental insurance

In this article you will learn how you can get a full range of benefits for yourself with just a few insurance premiums


Dental treatment
Professional tooth cleaning
100 %
Max. € 200 per calendar year
80-100% to max. € 2,000 over the entire term of the tariff (depending on the GKV advance payment)
No age limit, also for adults
€ 200 per calendar year
Waiting times
No waiting

can get.


This is the tariff Tooth prestige of the Bavarian . These tariffs were only recently reissued and offer you an extremely attractive price-performance ratio, with services that are very easy to understand.

All tariff details can be found here in the overview as a PDF

How exactly does it work?

It’s actually very simple 🙂

If you are between 20 and 30 years old, the tariff will cost you Tooth prestige only € 25.00 per month or even € 300.00 per year. For this you get the services mentioned above.

Some of these services include € 200 for professional tooth cleaning. You can use this to the full every year – and you should too, because dental prophylaxis is still better than when holes have to be filled ;-)

If you were to go to the dentist without additional dental insurance, you would have to pay this € 200.00 out of your own pocket. With the tariff Tooth prestige this € 200.00 will be reimbursed in full.

That in turn means your actual cost of dental insurance decrease by € 200.00 and you effective only € 100.00 would pay in the year – or in other words, € 8.33 per month .

Are you younger than 20 years is that Effect even bigger , since your contribution is even lower here.

If the premium should increase later and the whole thing is no longer worthwhile for you, then you can simply cancel the insurance again.

Save up. Save up. Save up.

But if everyone does it like that, then the insurance doesn’t benefit from it …

That’s right, if everyone were to do it this way and everyone would take full advantage of their private supplementary health insurance, then that would be a negative deal for the insurance company.

Insurance tariffs are always calculated according to various mathematical formulas, principles and costs.

But why are there such tariffs now that are really worthwhile if you use them?

The explanation can be found in the gym :-)

Do you know what a gym owner lives on?

“Yes, of course, from the people who go there and pay for the gym!” you might say now

However, this is not the case. A gym lives off the people who PAY but never work out. And if you ask in a gym, that’s a lot.

Any why is this the case? Because we humans are basically lazy – and forgetful too. An invoice is not submitted or you are too lazy to look up what exactly is being paid for in the insurance company and then you prefer to pay it yourself.

Sounds strange, but that’s how it is. And you can and should USE this behavior! :-)


The same also applies to other additional health tariffs.