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You are probably thinking that the famous “hook” will appear somewhere in a subordinate clause. The headline was really sensational. How should the tariff Die Bayerische Zahn SMART be free for about 65 months?

The Bavarian tooth SMART really free for 65 months?

You should keep your skepticism – especially with insurance – but in this case it is actually not necessary.

I will explain why in the following and explain how you can use the Tariff Die Bayerische Zahn SMART really free for about 65 months. Without a hook. Insurance companies with their word of honor!

The only requirement that you should note is that you are between 20 and 35 years old when you take out the plan. Otherwise, the contributions vary a little (if you are older, it becomes a little more expensive, if you are younger, it becomes cheaper). You will find a table for this at the end of the article.

How do you get this additional dental insurance for free for several months?

That this “deal” works is due to a special word:

Calendar year

Currently (I will write the article at the end of November 2019) we are in the 2019 calendar year. And now it gets exciting:

The benefits of additional dental insurance The Bavarian tooth SMART refer to CALENDAR YEARS. You may know it similarly from ours Insurance deal for glasses and checkups .

Services based on calendar years in the Die Bayerische Zahn SMART tariff

Why is this so essential? I would like to explain this to you using a sample calculation, which will then also explain how you can get the Bayerische Zahn SMART supplementary dental insurance for about 65 months for free.

Conclusion of the tariff Die Bayerische Zahn SMART01.12.2019
Monthly contribution to the tariff Die Bayerische Zahn SMART€ 14.30

Thus, in 2019 you will pay exactly a contribution of € 14.30

However, you are entitled to that full benefits of professional teeth cleaning in 2019. Although you only paid a monthly fee in 2019. That is the “magic” of the calendar year.

Of course there is still more services (listed below). And these are not yet used in the calculation example. If you also make use of this, then the Insurance deal even hotter!

Dental treatment services (6 months waiting period)80%
Dental prosthesis services (6 months waiting period)80%
Professional teeth cleaning services (no waiting time)2 x € 80 per calendar year

Theoretically, you would be entitled to a total of 160 € professional teeth cleaning in 2019. Of course, it makes little sense to have your teeth cleaned professionally twice within a month.

That is why we only use 1 x € 80 for our calculation example, which you get as a service for professional teeth cleaning.

Even if I wasn’t a genius at math, according to Adam Riese, this results in the following “Result” for you in 2019:

contributions paid in 2019€ 14.30
Services received in 2019 (1 x 80 € tooth cleaning)€ 80.00
In 2019 you make a “plus” of€ 65.70

I think everything still makes sense so far and you can follow me. Pretty cool so far, right? But it gets even better and we’re nearing 65 months of free supplementary dental insurance for you.

The Bayerische Zahn SMART services in 2020, 2021 and all other years.

In the 2020 calendar year you are again entitled to – you already suspect – 2 x € 80.00 professional teeth cleaning, which you can take advantage of over the year 2020.

What does this mean for your effective contributions in 2020:

Contributions in 2020 (14.30 € x 12)€ 171.60
Services received in 2020 (2 x € 80 tooth cleaning)€ 160.00
effective contribution / year in 2020€ 11.60
effective contribution / month in 2020€ 0.97

So for just now effective 97 cents you will get the benefits from the tariff in 2020 (and in the years after).

But how do the 65 months come about for which you get the free Die Bayerische Zahn SMART?

Do you still remember yours? plus from 2019? The € 65.70 ? This is exactly what we need again now.

Plus from 2019€ 65.70
effective monthly fee tariff
Bayerische Zahn SMART for 2020, 2021 etc.
€ 0.97
€ 65.70 / € 0.97 =67.73 months

With your plus that you did in 2019 (so only possible with a conclusion on December 1st, 2019!), Your future effective monthly contributions can be offset, so that you end up with approx. 65 months (rounded down) for which you have the Get additional dental insurance for free!

Math and timing make it possible

So in the end, it’s just simple math and the right timing that make this really insane insurance deal possible

Minimum term and termination options for the tariff

The Bavarian supplementary dental insurance has a minimum term of 24 months. This means that you can cancel this supplementary dental insurance for the first time on November 30th, 2021. Then always annually on the due date / end of the insurance year. So the next time on November 30th, 2022 with a 3-month notice period.

Cancellation very easily via our insurance app

We recommend that you just check out the free insurance with Kopf-WebApp and put your insurance (including the newly concluded additional dental insurance) there. Then you can easily cancel this via our service. Completely free.

Contribution development according to age

AGE Contribution
0-15 YEARS€ 5.70
16-20 YEARS€ 7.50
21-35 YEARS€ 14.30
36 – 40 YEARS€ 18.50
41 – 45 YEARS€ 20.90
46 – 50 YEARS€ 23.30
51 – 55 YEARS€ 26.60
56 – 60 YEARS€ 29.00
61 – 65 YEARS€ 31.70

The contribution increases accordingly even after graduation if you fall into the corresponding age category.