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Despite regular tooth brushing and preventive dentist visits, many people get problems with their teeth at some point. Tooth loss, periodontal disease or the classic holes in the tooth. If this then has to be treated, it can become very expensive very quickly. Everyone is actually aware of this, because the statutory health insurance usually only covers half of the costs – if at all. Because only the medically necessary, sufficient treatments are taken over here. And not the costs for, for example, really good plastic implants or the like. A private additional dental insurance can help here and not only cover the remaining costs after the performance of the health insurance, but also offer you much better services in themselves. The answer to the question “Is it worth taking out additional dental insurance” and what you should pay attention to when taking out can be found in the following expert article.

Quick overview “Is it worth taking out additional dental insurance?”

Why is additional dental insurance useful?

Who needs private dental insurance?

When should you take out private dental insurance?

Average cost of dentures

How to Find the Best Dental Insurance?

Conclusion – is it worth taking out additional dental insurance?

Why is additional dental insurance useful?

The older you get, the more expensive and time-consuming the treatments at the dentist suddenly become. Suddenly a tooth has to be crowned here or a bridge has to be inserted here. I always joke with my mother and say that she has had a small car in her mouth since last year. Because this is exactly what she could have bought for what the dental treatment had cost.

If you have one or more missing teeth or if you have ceramic fillings in the back teeth, you will receive a juicy cost estimate (also known as a healing and cost plan) from the dentist.

Subsidy from the health insurance is low

The statutory health insurance companies only pay 50% of the so-called standard care. In other words, care that, as already mentioned, must be sufficient and medically necessary. But this is by no means the best possible care for you. You can increase this standard supply with the bonus booklet, which you are certainly familiar with. This documents the regular visits to the dentist and the health insurance subsidy can increase to 60% (5 years) or 65% (10 years). But even in the best case scenario, you’re left with 35% of the cost.

Better dentures have to be paid for by yourself

As a patient, you always have to pay 100% of the additional costs for additional services or higher-quality materials outside of the standard service.

Fortunately, there are now really good dental insurance policies ( To the YouTube video “Supplementary dental insurance simply explained” ), who bear these costs for you and don’t even cost that much. But more on that later.

Who needs private dental insurance?

It is basically the case that anyone who wants the best possible care for their teeth and dental health can benefit from additional dental insurance. Above all, because many tariffs meanwhile also pay several hundred euros per year for professional teeth cleaning. Sometimes even bleaching.

Dental insurance makes more sense than “save yourself”

One often reads as a tip that instead of taking out additional dental insurance, you can simply put a certain amount aside every month, just in case “just in case”. That is entirely possible and commendable. But if you are honest with yourself, you also know that very few people will really pull it off.

Suddenly the car has to be repaired or the next vacation should be a little nicer and you can start using the reserve for future dentist costs.

Supplementary dental insurance, on the other hand, “forces” you to invest some money specifically for your dental health.

Psychological and social problems possible

And if you talk to older people who have almost no teeth or have gaps in their teeth, it is certainly not because these people want to walk around like that. It’s because you can no longer afford a beautiful smile in the truest sense of the word. The resulting psychological or social problems can be immense for a person and should not simply be ignored.

And here nobody should tell me that it would be written too “crass”. You just have to think about how embarrassed people are when there is some spinach between their teeth …

When should you take out additional dental insurance?

As with many other insurances, the following principle also applies to additional dental insurance:

The earlier the better and the cheaper!

Many people think, “Man, my dentist has already told me that we have to take a look – I’ll take out additional dental insurance quickly” – that doesn’t work. Because basically, at the moment when the treatment is already advised, it may also be noted in the file, from their point of view this counts as a treatment that has already started.

Michael Nischalke, Stiftung Warentest

The thought of additional dental insurance usually comes too late

80% of people only think about additional dental insurance when the child has already fallen into the well. If the dentist tells you that major dental treatment is due soon, then unfortunately it is too late to take out additional dental insurance. Because when you take out private additional dental insurance, the question is always asked whether dental treatments are currently under way or whether they are advisable. And if you have to answer in the affirmative, this treatment will at least be excluded from the protection, rather you will still not get any insurance at all.

Note: I am aware that there is an insurer who advertises that you can take out additional dental insurance even if the treatment is already ongoing. I absolutely advise against this product. If you read the fine print about what exactly is reimbursed and what the contract duration is, then all of a sudden it doesn’t make sense anymore.

Average cost of dentures

So that you can get an overview of how high the average costs for dentures are, I have listed a few exemplary costs for you:

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How do you find the best dental insurance for you?

With more than 100 insurers and several 1,000 tariff combinations, you as a consumer have almost no chance at all of looking through the tariff jungle for private dental supplementary insurance.

There are far too many different features. How exactly is paid (e.g. before or after the health insurance company has paid) varies from tariff to tariff.

Fortunately, there is a very simple and uncomplicated solution for you here.

The Waizmann table as a transparent comparison

Because exactly this problem has already been recognized by others and a solution has been created for it. And this is called Waizmann table and the corresponding Waizmann value.

This online calculator not only compares tariffs per se, but also how and how much these tariffs really do.

The Waizmann table was made together with dentists developed and is considered number 1 by over 20,000 dentists. Because who knows better about which supplementary dental insurance is best and quickest than the dentist himself?

That is exactly why we strongly recommend the Waizmann table as an independent way to find the best dental insurance for you.

You can then have offers sent to you completely free of charge and return the completed application with a stamped envelope (enclosed with the offer).

Conclusion – is it worth taking out additional dental insurance ?

Is additional dental insurance worth it for you or not? Nobody can answer this question exactly. This is simply impossible, because you would have to know how much dentist costs you will actually have to pay over your life. But nobody can tell you that.

At the end of the day, ask yourself the following question:

How much are my teeth, dental health and a confident smile worth to me?

And if the answer to that is around € 20-45 a month, then a private additional dental insurance would definitely be recommended for you ;-)