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Do you really have good disability insurance?

Is your disability insurance too expensive?

Does your disability insurance really meet all of the important criteria?

Did you really find out what to look out for before completing your BU?

Are there any hidden clauses in your contract that could later refuse you?

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All of these points and a few more affect the quality of your Occupational disability insurance . If you’re not sure whether your existing disability insurance is really good, then the FREE disability check from insurers with a head may be almost indispensable for you.

After all, this is about insurance that protects your existence. And such an insurance must fit 100%.

What exactly does the free BU Check do for you?

In about 600 counseling sessions on disability insurance We found that many people have disability insurance, but this is how it is bad is that you could save the contribution for it. If the worst came to the worst, it would anyway no performance give or just far too little power . Or your BU insurance is incredibly expensive and you would be able to be insured much cheaper (and better) elsewhere.

Often occupational disability insurance was still completed by parents because “meant well”. Such contracts, however, are very often really only “well-meaning” and far from being a real protection for you.

That’s exactly why we take from Insurance with a head your existing disability insurance in our BU check under the microscope and create an extremely detailed BU evaluation. This is unique in Germany.

We check the following points of your BU insurance in our BU check:

  • Does the term of your contract fit (up to retirement age)?
  • is the insured BU pension appropriate for your situation?
  • is your BU too expensive compared to the market?
  • could you possibly switch to a cheaper occupational group?
  • is the abstract reference dispensed with?
  • For the self-employed: is the reorganization clause formulated in a customer-friendly manner or is it even present?
  • In the case of BU insurance that is linked to a pension insurance: does it make sense to keep such a product, or should BU insurance and pension insurance be separated?
  • and much more.

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How exactly is the BU check procedure?

1. Send us some information in advance using the contact form below.

With the information requested below, we can make an initial assessment of your existing disability insurance and decide whether optimization generally makes sense or is possible.

2. We’ll get in touch with you

As soon as we have made an initial assessment, Bastian or one of the VMK-BU experts by phone get in touch with you. In a short conversation there are a few more further information (e.g. current state of health, special circumstances, hobbies, etc.) requested, which can be clarified more quickly in a conversation than by email. Due to the current high number of inquiries for a BU check, it is possible that someone will contact you regarding the occupational disability check in a few days. We ask for a little patience here :)

3. We create a BU analysis and make a recommendation for action

As soon as the BU check is finished, we will get back to you and give you our recommendation.

  • Disability insurance is good and can / should continue to exist
  • Disability insurance is poor / does not meet all important criteria / is too expensive / etc. and should be optimized

Important instructions:

Should the New conclusion of an occupational disability insurance be for you, then you will not incur any additional costs for the BU check. We receive our remuneration from the respective insurer for a new contract. If the BU check shows, for example, that you are with another provider better and cheaper can be insured, you save money in the end and we receive our remuneration separately from the respective insurer. This creates a WIN-WIN situation for you and us.

However, if the BU check shows that your Disability insurance is really good and you should keep these, arise too no additional costs for you through the BU check. This is and remains free to you!

transparency is very important to us in everything we do. So there are no surprises in the end. We hope you feel the same way. :-)

4. Optimizing your disability insurance

Should be in your case optimization your BU make sense, then one with you further separate telephone appointment turned off. Your outstanding questions about the new contract will be clarified here. For example, an anonymous advance risk inquiry may be necessary to have your insurability checked. Finally there is an application with the new insurer put together with you. Here you will of course also receive corresponding offers from BU providers who really all important criteria fulfill. It is very important to us that you also change your disability insurance can understand .

You will receive the offers / evaluations very conveniently by email.

5. Completion of the new BU and termination of the old BU

Only when all questions have really been clarified on your side will the application for your new BU be submitted. As a rule, this is done very easily with digital signature. As soon as the new occupational disability insurance has been taken out and you have also received the relevant documents, the old BU terminated . It is important that the termination first occurs after graduation the new BU insurance takes place. This is how we ensure that you do not suddenly find yourself completely without BU protection.

Your disability insurance may be really good. Then you don’t have to worry. But if this is not the case, checking and optimizing this important livelihood security is essential.

Bastian Kunkel Founder of insurance companies with a head