Online doctor consultation – this is how it works

Not only insurance advice is now available purely online via video chat, you can now also talk to a doctor via video chat. From the comfort of your own home without long waiting times in narrow waiting rooms.

The actual situation

You think you’re getting sick, caught a virus, got a rash, or you just don’t feel well. What you are doing? As a rule, you pick up the phone and try to get the next possible appointment with your family doctor. You’re crying inside just thinking about having to get into the car, drive to the doctor and then probably have to sit in the waiting room for another 1-2 hours with all the other poor people who are just as happy to you…

Most of us feel like this or something like that. But that can stop now!

The target situation

Wouldn’t it be much nicer and more pleasant and, above all, less stressful if you could simply contact the doctor from home in such a case and he would then advise you via video chat and tell you what to do?

  • no annoying waiting times at the doctor
  • quick, uncomplicated online appointment
  • no driving to the doctor
  • no other patients could possibly infect you
  • a conversation without any time pressure, in which you don’t have the feeling that you are just being “handled” quickly?
  • no deductible or premium refund, should you have private health insurance?

Sounds too good to be true?

This has recently become possible! I already use this opportunity myself. The cost of that? Less than my Spotify account per month! Just have a look at the video on the right!

Which services are specifically included?

You will find a detailed list of all services below so that you know exactly what is included in the Barmenia MediApp tariff.

The services at a glance

With the MediApp tariff you have the option of yourself by smartphone, Tablet or Pc over over the mobile App or Website seek advice from a doctor online.

  • Available 7 days a week, around the clock
  • Over 200 doctors from 30 specialties
  • Flexibility: Medical advice anytime, anywhere
  • Quickly to the doctor’s consultation
  • Independence from opening times
  • Access to first class medical professionals regardless of where you live
  • Availability of German-speaking doctors when traveling abroad
  • can be canceled monthly

What does the “online consultation hour flat rate” cost you?

For just € 9.80 per month you can get “telemedicine” into your home. There is no limit to the number of online appointments, and children up to the age of 16 can even join them free of charge.

Actually a “no brainer”

There are sure to be some insurance policies and tariffs that can be debated about whether or not they make sense.

In my opinion, this tariff clearly falls into the category “Shut up and take my money!”

For less than € 10.00 you can save yourself the annoying doctor’s visits and long waiting times for an initial appointment or an initial diagnosis.

The time I save for this alone brings the contribution out several times.

We don’t (yet) have any children, but if I imagine how much more relaxed a mother’s life would become as a result … the tariff could also cost € 50 per month 😀

The highlights of the MediApp tariff at a glance

In the following, all the highlights are summarized in an understandable way so that really no questions remain unanswered.

Bildschirmfoto 2018 11 12 um 15.57.15 1 - Doctor's consultation hours from home

What exactly happens when you contact TeleClinic by phone or video?

In the first step, you will be connected to a medical assistant from TeleClinic who will take up your request. So you can simply try the video and telephone call at any time and test whether everything works and you feel comfortable. If you have a medical question, an assistant will direct you to a doctor. He will then advise you in general on all questions relating to your health. If the doctor on duty is not the ideal specialist for your concern, the medical assistant will organize a callback with the appropriate specialist who will advise you on general illness-related issues.

Real doctors

All doctors who advise via TeleClinic are specialists licensed in Germany. You have many years of experience and, in addition to your work for TeleClinic, you either work in a practice or in a hospital.

No time limit for conversations

There is no set time limit for your consultation with a doctor. In contrast to most doctor visits, you have enough time to talk to your doctor and get advice.

Everyone over the age of 18 can take out the tariff

TeleClinic does not reject patients due to previous illnesses.

Insurance conditions tariff “Telearzt”

Take a look at the Insurance conditions if you are still unsure about the exact services and conditions.