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Best Online Bank Germany

What is the best online bank in Germany? A question you probably ask yourself, when living in Germany. Maybe you just moved recently to Germany and already figured out that trying to get a German bank account at one of the local banks without speaking German yet, is like a trip to hell with no ending. Or maybe you are just used to do banking online and you want the same comfort here in Germany. Either way, this article will provide you with the information you need and I will tell you, which bank in Germany is the best online bank for you.

Overview Of The Best Online Banks In Germany

If you want to save time, you can just check out the following comparison of the Top 3 online banks in Germany. We highly recommend N26 for you. We use it ourselves now for over 2 years and are super happy with it.

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What To Consider Before Opening An Account?

Before you choose your new online bank in Germany, you should consider the following things:

  • do you already speak German?
  • do you have time to always go to local bank for banking services?
  • do you travel back often to your home country (with maybe a different currency) and want to use your German credit/debit card there?
  • should banking in Germany just as easy as possible for you?

You don’t want banking in Germany become something exhausting. It should be easy, fast and of course cheap.

Which Is Now The Best Online Bank In Germany?

If you have considered the above mentioned questions and your answers were, that you do not speak German yet and you want banking in Germany as fast and easy as possible, then the choice of your new online bank in Germany is quite simple. Here is our choice for best online bank in Germany:

Our Recommendation: N26

With N26 you will have the easiest online banking possible in Germany. I know that, because I am German and my wife is American and we really tried many different German banks. My wife was really frustrated with “Sparkasse”, because everything was in German and nobody was able to speak english in the branches. Also all the forms were in German.

N26 makes banking simple

We have used N26 now for over 2 years in Germany. We had no problems at all with N26. All the questions or issues we had during these 2 years were resolved perfectly. I e.g. lost my N26 debit card in the United States. In minutes I could cancel it with the N26 App and order a new one that was sent to my home address.

Another time I needed specific information/forms for my taxes from N26 and the Chat-Support provided me with everything I needed within a couple days.

And it also is really nice when we are visiting e.g. the U.S. and use our N26 card, that there are no additional fees like there are with many other banks.

Leave us a comment if this article was helpful or if you have any further questions! We hope we could help you with choosing the best online bank in Germany.