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Table Of Contents:

  1. Dog Liability Insurance
  2. What Does Dog Liability Insurance Cover?
  3. What Does Dog Liability Insurance Not Cover?
  4. Who Needs Dog Liability Insurance?
  5. Best Dog Liability Insurance In Germany For Expats
  6. FAQ

1. Dog Liability Insurance

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The law in Germany says that dog owners are legally responsible for all damages their dogs cause. Whether your dog jumps on your neighbor and rips his pants or bites your neighbor and causes a serious injury, you are liable for paying for the damages. Damages that dogs cause can be a huge financial burden for dog owners. Therefore, it’s really important to get dog liability insurance in Germany if you own a dog. In fact, some German states have made dog liability insurance compulsory.

2. What Does Dog Liability Insurance Cover?

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Dog Insurance Germany

The exact coverage depends on what dog liability insurance policy you purchase. In general, however, dog liability insurance covers the following:

1. Injuries

Example: Your dog bites someone and that person needs medical care.

2. Property damage

Example: If your dog gets loose and runs into the road in front of cars and then causes a traffic accident.

3. Broken Items

Example: Your dog is running wild and knocks over your neighbor’s new, expensive flower pot.

4. Legal protection

Example: Someone says your dog bit his dog and wants you to pay for the veterinary costs. You believe these claims are unjustified because your dog was defending itself. Your dog liability insurance would pay for the legal fees and lawyer fees if the claim is unjustified and then you have to go to court over the matter.

3. What Does Dog Liability Insurance Not Cover?

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Dog Insurance Germany

As mentioned before, what is not covered depends on your insurance policy. In most cases, however, the following is not covered:

1. Self damage

An example would be if your dog chewed on your kitchen table. Another example would be if your dog bit you. A general rule of thumb: your insurance covers damages your dog causes to other people and their property, but not you and your personal property.

2. Wear & tear

Let’s say, for example, that your dog sits on your couch everyday. Consequently, overtime your couch gets really dirty and the fabric wears. Dog liability insurance would not pay to replace the wear and tear on your couch.

3. Certain dog breeds

Some dog breeds in Germany are classified as “fighting dogs”. Not all insurance companies offer coverage for these breeds of dogs. See our FAQ below for more information.

4. Fines

For example, you are walking with your dog in a pedestrian area without a leash. An officer issues you a fine because the law says you need to have a leash on your dog in public spaces. Dog liability insurance does not cover fines.

4. Who Needs Dog Liability Insurance?

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Some states in Germany require dog owners get dog liability insurance. In other words, it is compulsory. All states in Germany mandate that dog owners pay for any damages caused by their dogs. Therefore, even if you live in a state where dog liability insurance is not compulsory, it is highly recommended.

*See our FAQ below to find out if you live in a state where dog liability insurance is either compulsory or highly recommended.

5. Best Dog Liability Insurance In Germany For Expats

best dog insurance germany for expats - DOG Liability INSURANCE Germany

Many insurance companies in Germany offer great dog liability insurance. Since many places in Germany have laws that say dog owners must buy dog liability insurance, there are a lot of options to choose from. This is great news! There’s just one small problem… almost all dog liability insurance providers only offer their services in German. So what if you don’t speak fluent German?

For foreigners living in Germany, COYA’s dog liability insurance is a great option. Like other insurance companies, COYA offers really good coverage. What makes COYA a good choice for foreigners is that all of their services are in English and online. This makes getting insurance quick and easy. You can read about their insurance on their website, apply online and get customer support – all in ENGLISH! Lastly, COYA’s insurance is cheap. Plans start from €5.29/month.

6. FAQ

faq dog liability insurance germany - DOG Liability INSURANCE Germany

1. Is Dog Liability Insurance In Germany Required By Law?

It depends on what state you live in. Dog liability insurance in Germany is either compulsory, dependent on the dog breed or highly recommended. See the list below to find out if you are required by law to get dog liability insurance.

States where it is compulsory:

– Berlin
– Hamburg
– Niedersachsen
– Sachsen-Anhalt
– Schleswig-Holstein

States where it depends on the dog breed:
*You can find information about which breeds require dog liability insurance on your local authority’s website.

– Baden-Wurttemberg
– Brandenburg
– Bremen
– Hessen
– Nordrhein-Westfalen
– Rheinland-Pfalz
– Saarland
– Sachsen

States where it is highly recommended:

– Bayern
– Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

2. Is The Breed Of Dog Important?

Yes. The breed of dog is important for two reasons. First, if your dog is classified as a dangerous dog then it is more of a risk for insurance companies. Therefore, you might have to pay more to insure your dog. Secondly, if your dog is classified as a dangerous dog then some insurance companies will not even let you buy their insurance.

Two examples of dogs that are considered dangerous in Germany include Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Terriers.

3. Is My Dog Insured If He Is Not On A Leash?

It depends on the insurance provider and the policy you choose. Most policies, however, will pay for damages that occurred even if your dog was not on a leash.

4. What happens If An uninsured dog bites My Dog?

The owner of the dog that bites or attacks your dog is responsible for all injuries and damages. In almost all cases, your insurance company will not cover damages that another dog inflicts on your dog. Your insurance only covers damages your dog causes.

5. Can I Insure More Than One Dog On My Insurance Contract?

Most insurance providers only cover one dog per contract. If you have more than one dog, you will need to buy a separate policy for each additional dog.

6. Is my dog ​​insured if he defends himself?

In most cases, the damages your dog causes if he is defending himself from another animal or person attacking him are insured.

7. Steps To Follow If Your Dog Causes Damages

1. The damage occurs
If your dog damages another person or his/her property then you should clarify what damages your dog caused. If you don’t know the person then remember to write down his/her name, address and phone number.

2. Tell your insurance company
After the damage occurs, the next thing you should do is immediately contact your insurance company about the incident. Even if claims for damages have not been made against you, you have to give your insurance company an honest report of what happened. Most insurance companies have an online form you can fill out for these types of situations.

3. Compensation
Your insurance company will review your claim, and if it is a a rightful claim, your insurance company will incur the financial costs the damages caused (up to your insured amount).

8. Most Common Types Of Damages Dogs Cause

1. Injuries to other dogs
2. Property damage
3. Injuries to people
4. Traffic accidents
5. Electronics damage
6. Personal damage

9. Does dog liability insurance apply if family members Or friends guard the dog?

For most insurance companies, dog liability insurance is valid regardless of who is watching the dog.

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