How To Get German Private Liability Insurance

I make you one promise: Following the instructions on this website is the easiest way to get german liability insurance. All online and in english language.

German Liability Insurance

The Most Important Insurance In Germany

German private liability insurance is the most important insurance in Germany (second only to mandatory health insurance). It covers all cost and liabilities occurred during an accident, i.e. damage done to any individuals property, person, or assets.


Instructions & Comparison of liability insurances in Germany

The following article will provide you not only with information on some of the best priced liability insurances on the German market today, but will also show you a comparison of good liability insurances and where to buy them.

One of the german liability insurances even offers a complete english website! But more about that later on.

This blog will explain why you need german liability insurance, as well as what is covered by private liability insurance. We have tried to make everything as simple and easy as possible, so that being insured is the least of your worries and instead you can begin settling into your new life here in Germany!

Who Needs German Private Liability Insurance?

Good question, right?

Basicly everyone who is capable of causing damage to a third party, their property or assets. Only a little moment of not being fully aware of the situation – and BAMM it happened. You damaged something that doesn’t belong to you – or worse – injured another persons body. German private liability insurance insures you against such “happenings” and the financial liabilities that come with it.

Some Examples

Example 1:

You are using your friends new smartphone (which was really expensive) and then you accidentally drop it. The phone breaks and of course your friend wants you to pay for it. If you have german private liability insurance, the insurance will pay for that.

Example 2:

There is a party at your friends house. You are getting a new drink, but then you spill your drink over your friends laptop. The laptop cannot be used anymore. Got private liability insurance? Perfect, it also covers you there.

Example 3:

One more serious example. While playing soccer you hit your opponent so hard, that his leg breaks. Its a complicated surgery and he will suffer long term from it. You can held responsible for that. Your liability insurance also jumps in here and protects you from a potential financial crisis.

What Exactly Is Covered By German Private Liability Insurance?

In General The Following Is Covered

  • Personal and property damage
  • Damages to borrowed and hired property (like in your apartment)
  • Protection against uninsured third parties
  • Keys to a rental property
  • For renters: Rented rooms (Rented property damage)
  • Football, cycling, skiing and more sports
  • Damages through internet use

how to get german private liability insurance

Comparison Of German Private Liability Insurances

There are many different providers of liability insurance in Germany. Below I gathered all the insurances companies for you that

  • offer really good value
  • have a good price
  • and you can buy online


how to get german private liability insurance

With getsafe the whole process of buying the liability insurance is in english language. Although customer support is available in english. Starting with 3,34€ per month they offer a great rate! Simplest way to get your german liability insurance. You can find a video-tutorial of how to get this liability insurance here.

   No fixed duration, can be cancelled every dayhow to get german private liability insurance

   No generell excess

   starting with 3,34€ per month

   english customer support

   fast claiming

   manage your insurance with the getsafe-app


how to get german private liability insurance

Haftpflicht-Helden (“Liability-Heroes”) is the All-In-One-Flatrate liability insurance. One price and everybody is covered. You, your partner and even the kids. The regular price is 6,00€ per month (72,00€ per year), but with the Code “KOPF4” you can get a discount of 6,00€ per year, meaning you safe one month of paying and the annual rate is just 66,00€. Although the website is just available in german language, you can contact the customer support (who speaks english) via chat or phone and they will guide you through the process. This is by the way the liability insurance I got for myself and my family.

   No fixed duration, can be cancelled every day

   All-In-One-Package for the whole family

   english customer support

   private used drones are also insured (max. 5kg)

   save 6,00€ every year with the code “KOPF4”

  only available in German language, but customer support speaks english

  general excess of 150,00€

Adam Riese

how to get german private liability insurance

Adam Riese is an online insurance company that offers liability insurance and legal insurance. You can get three different packages of private liability insurance (L, XL and XXL). It is very individual. Unfortunately also only german website available. Customer support also in german.

   very individual “building set” 

   private used drones are also insured (max. 5kg)

  only available in German language

  minimum duration of 1 year (after 1 year you can cancel it every day)

One Last Thing

Before you leave this page, make sure you got a private liability insurance for you and/or your family. There are a lot of really unnecessary insurances in Germany. But the german private liability insurance is none of them. It is a MUST HAVE when living or working in Germany.

It protects you against a lot of different risks in your daily life and it is really not expensive.

Take those couple minutes and get yourself covered 😉

I hope this instruction could really help you. If so, it would be great, if you would recommend it to your expat friends! Thanks a lot!


P.S. Still need a free german bank account with english customer support? Check out this article on Opening a bank account in Germany!

Who is writing here?

My name is Bastian and I am a certified, independent insurance broker in Germany. My wife is American and together we help english speaking expats to figure out insurance and banking in Germany. Knowing the hustle my wife went through when she came to Germany and the complicated german system made us starting this blog. Although there is a lot information available on the internet about german insurances, most of it is not correct or incomplete.

I also own Germany’s biggest Youtube-Channel about insurance knowledge and was honored with the Education Award of the German Insurance Industry” in 2018 and became “Young Broker of the Year” in 2017.

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How to get german private liability insurance
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