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personal liability insurance germany private liability insurance - How to Get Personal Liability Insurance in Germany

Well, dealing with insurances sucks. Thats just how it is. But we Germans are crazy about insurances. We really have a lot insurances. Some are quite questionable. But some are really helpful and important. Please take 5 minutes and let me explain to you, why personal liability insurance in Germany is so important for you.

You will learn how private liability insurance in Germany works, what it covers and which carrier you should choose (we already did the research for you,  which will save you lots of time). Ok, let’s dive in(surance)!

Personal Liability Insurance in Germany – What is that?

One of the first things you should do after moving to Germany

Personal liability insurance in Germany (german: private Haftpflichtversicherung) is the most important insurance in Germany (second only to mandatory health insurance). It covers all cost and liabilities that occur during an accident, i.e. damage done to any individual’s property, person, or assets.

The costs of private liability insurance in Germany are pretty low compared to the huge coverage you get (millions of Euro for damages caused by you).

Just keep reading and in less than 4 minutes you will know everything there is to know!

Who Should Get Personal Liability Insurance In Germany?

Good question, right?

Anyone who is capable of causing damage to a third party, their property or their assets needs personal liability insurance in Germany. It only takes a moment of not being fully aware of the situation for something bad to happen. Maybe you damaged something that doesn’t belong to you – or worse – injured another person. Personal liability insurance in Germany insures you against such “happenings” and the financial liabilities that come with it.

Liability insurance claim – Example 1:

You are using your friend’s new, expensive smartphone, and then you accidentally drop it. The phone breaks and of course your friend wants you to pay for it. If you have personal liability insurance in Germany then your insurance would pay for a replacement phone.

Liability insurance claim – Example 2:

There is a party at your friend’s house. As you reach across the table you accidentally spill your drink onto your friend’s laptop. The laptop cannot be used anymore. Got personal liability insurance? Perfect, it also covers you here.

Liability insurance claim – Example 3:

A more serious example. While playing soccer you hit your opponent so hard that his leg breaks. It’s a complicated surgery and he will suffer long-term. You could be held responsible for that. Your liability insurance would protect you from a potential financial crisis.

What Exactly Is Covered?

  • Personal and property damage
  • Damages to borrowed and hired property (like in your apartment)
  • Protection against uninsured third parties
  • Keys to a rental property
  • Work keys
  • For renters: Rented rooms (Rented property damage)
  • Football, cycling, skiing and more sports
  • Damages through internet use

What Is not Covered?

Every insurance covers individual risks. No insurance covers everything and there are also some things that are not covered by personal liability insurance, such as:

  • Damage to your property caused by yourself
  • Your own dog (or horses)
  • Glas damage in rented living spaces
  • Car accidents (car liability insurance is needed)
  • Damage from deterioration
  • Damage to insurance members
  • Damage in your professional environment
  • Simple key loss (e.g. you left your key in the apartment and a locksmith has to open your door)

Your Best Choice For Personal Liability Insurance In Germany

There are many different providers of liability insurance in Germany. But if you do a proper research, there is only one insurance company that offers all of the following:

  • Really good price
  • Everything covered, that should be covered
  • Buy it online in less than 5 minutes
  • English customer support / service / app
  • Cancel anytime
  • Worldwide protection
getsafe german private liability insurance germany - How to Get Personal Liability Insurance in Germany

Getsafe is an online insurance company that is focusing on expats. It offers not only private liability insurance, but also e.g. home contents insurance or car insurance. They also focus on providing services for non-Germans, expats and foreigners living in Germany. You will find an English website and English speaking customer support. We highly recommend their premium rate for 4,86€ per month (single).

   No fixed duration, can be cancelled any time

   No generell excess

   50 Million coverage

   English-speaking customer support

   Worldwide protection

   File claims without paperwork

   Pay with credit card or SEPA-debit

   Starting at 3.60€ per month (premium rate: 4,86€ per month)

Protect yourself now in less than 5 minutes!

Why trust our recommendation?

After reading this article you maybe ask yourself: “Why should I trust those informations? How do I know, that this is not just another of those random blogs that just try to make some quick money on the backs of (unknowing) expats?”

Well, thats a very fair and important question. Let me now briefly explain, why you can always trust our recommendations for expats.

Insurance really is my profession (and passion)

First: My name is Bastian and with over 300.000 Followers on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, I am Germanys most known insurance expert. I did an apprenticeship in insurance and also studied finance and insurance. I really can not afford to put out content thats not a 100% trustworthy.

Second: My wife is American and lives with me here in Germany. Through her and her expat friends I really know about the needs and problems of expats, when it comes to insurances and finances in Germany. There is a lot information available on the internet about German insurances, but most of it is just not correct or incomplete. It is written by random bloggers, who never studied insurance (like I did) or anything similar.

So with this I really hope I could take away your worries regarding the information on my website about insurances for expats.

Get liability insurance now in only 5 minutes

Advice and FAQs

Before you leave this page, make sure you’ve got personal liability insurance for you and/or your family. There are a lot of unnecessary insurances in Germany. But personal liability insurance is not one of them. It is a MUST HAVE when living or working in Germany.

It protects you against a lot of different risks in your daily life and it is very inexpensive.

Take a couple minutes and get yourself covered!

I hope this information has been helpful. If so, please recommend it to your expat friends! Thanks a lot! And enjoy Germany!

What Insurances Do I Need In Germany?2021-06-03T15:43:13+02:00

As mentioned in one of the other FAQs, there are two types of insurance in Germany that are mandatory. The first is health insurance – private German health insurance or public German health insurance. The second is German car liability insurance. When you buy a car in Germany and want to get your license plate at the German “DMV”, you need to show them proof of German car liability insurance. Otherwise you can’t get a valid license plate for your car. In addition to those insurances in Germany, German home contents insurance and German legal insurance are recommended.

How To Report A Liability Damage?2021-06-03T15:08:15+02:00

Once a liability damage occurs, you should immediately contact your insurance company and tell them about the liability claim. When you report a claim, there are normally different forms to fill out. This can be quite difficult if you do not speak German. Therefore we highly recommend choosing an insurance company that provides English-speaking customer support, an English website and contract information in English. The best liability insurance in Germany for you then would be Getsafe, as mentioned above.

Are There Other Names For Personal Liability Insurance?2021-06-03T15:07:33+02:00

Yes, there are. Quite a few actually. When people talk about or search for liability insurance in Germany, it is also referred to as German private liability insurance, German personal liability insurance, German public liability insurance or German third party liability insurance. In all of these cases people actually mean personal liability insurance in Germany (“deutsche private Haftpflichtversicherung”), which would be the correct term.

Is It Required By Law?2021-06-03T15:44:07+02:00

It depends on the type of liability insurance. Personal liability insurance is not required by law. Car (vehicle) insurance, on the other hand, is required by law. If you own a car in Germany, you have to get car liability insurance. Although personal liability insurance is not required by law in Germany, you are liable by law for all the damages you cause to other people. And that is why personal liability insurance is highly recommended in Germany. Almost 85% of people living in Germany have personal liability insurance.

How Much Does It Cost?2021-06-03T15:44:55+02:00

You can get really good German liability insurance for around 50-60€ per year. German liability insurance is really not expensive, but it is really important. If you get an offer over 100€ or more you should be suspicious. This would be too expensive for German liability insurance.

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