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How To Get Home Contents Insurance In Germany

In principle, household insurance (or home contents insurance) protects your belongings and possessions. In simple terms: If you were to turn your apartment or house upside down, then everything that would fall out is insured in the household insurance aka. home contents insurance. This would be, for example, your furniture, your kitchen utensils, your laptop, your television, etc. In principle, things that are very important that you would like to have in your life and probably would like to have insured.
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What Is Home Contents Insurance?

Home contents insurance is one of the most important types of insurance in Germany. It insures your belongings against damages due to storms, water, fire and vandalism. Most home contents insurance companies also provide coverage for theft, robbery and burglary. Different policies, however, offer different coverage.


German home contents insurance is not compulsory to have, but it’s really good to get insured. In some cases, home contents insurance is an essential part of renting or buying a flat/house. For example, some property owners will not rent you a furnished flat unless you have home contents insurance! This guide explains everything you need to know.


*It is also important to mention that home contents insurance is different from homeowners insurance. They’re easy to confuse. See our FAQ at the bottom of the page to read more about home contents insurance vs. homeowners insurance.

What Does Home Contents Insurance In Germany Cover?

Home contents insurance normally covers:

  • Jewelry and cash
  • Home electronics (e.g. TV, coffee machine, refrigerator) 
  • Clothes and shoes
  • Furniture and carpets
  • Antennas or marquees that are a part of your home/apartment

When the damages are due to:

  • Vandalism
  • Water damage
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Storm damage (e.g. wind, hail, lightning)
  • Robbery/Theft

*In some cases, home contents insurance will cover damages that occur outside your home. See our FAQ below to read more.

What Does Home Contents Insurance In Germany Not Cover?

Home contents insurance normally does not cover:

How much does it cost?

Home contents insurance is generally less expensive than most other types of insurance in Germany.

How much your policy costs, however, depends on many things. For example, if your neighborhood has a high crime rate, your home contents insurance will cost more than if you lived in a neighborhood with a low crime rate.

This makes sense: if you live in the center of a neighborhood more vulnerable to theft then you’re more of a risk for your insurance provider. Nevertheless, you can generally buy a basic plan for less than 50€ per year.

A well-known insurance provider in Germany, getsafe, offers home contents insurance starting at 1.37€ per month. 

Best Household Insurance In Germany For Foreigners/Expats

While there are a handful of different home contents insurance providers in Germany, options are limited for expats that don’t speak German.

We think Getsafe is the best option for household insurance in Germany, especially for expats. They offer a great price, very good coverage and services in English. There is no better way for expats / non-german speakers ti get home contents insurance in Germany.

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Why Is getsafe The Best Option For English-Speaking Expats?2021-08-06T14:24:13+02:00

There are several reasons why getsafe is the best option for English-speaking expats. For starters, getsafe offers one of the most affordable German home contents insurance plans. You can get a standard plan for as low as 1.79€ per month. In addition: – You can customize your plan to meet your needs – Anytime cancelation (in other words, there is no fixed duration) – English website – English customer support – No deductible (also referred to as general excess)

Costs Without German Home Contents Insurance 2020-09-18T16:06:27+02:00

Here are three examples of potential situations you could find yourself in, and how much repairs could cost you without home contents insurance:

1. During a storm, a tree branch in your yard breaks and falls through your bedroom window. As a result, the dresser and bedside table break. Without home contents insurance, you’ll have to pay close to 550€ to get a new dresser and bedside table.

2. While you’re at work there is a bad storm. The storm ruins your basement floors and your new carpet. It will cost you around 400€ to buy a replacement carpet.

3. You travel to Berlin for a weekend with your family. While you are gone, a thief breaks into your house and steals your belongings, including your laptop, TV and jewelry. The total sum of everything that the thief steals is 2,000€!

What Add-Ons Are Available?2020-09-18T16:06:10+02:00

You might be able to purchase add-ons for your home contents insurance plan. Examples of add-ons include:

Theft of bags
Phishing (online-banking fraud)
Data recovery
Bicycle theft
Gross negligence

What Costs Are Covered In An Emergency?2020-09-18T16:05:49+02:00

Some home contents insurance companies offer coverage for emergency situations. You might have to pay extra to get insured, but there are insurance companies that include emergency costs in your policy for free. Examples of costs that would be covered in an emergency include:

Accommodation costs after a damage
Electrician service
Emergency heating
Pipe cleaning service

*The maximum amount you can claim per year differs. It’s not unlimited. Check with your insurance provider to learn your maximum limit.

What Is An Insured Sum & Why Is It Important?2020-09-18T16:05:30+02:00

An insured sum is the maximum amount of money your insurance provider would pay you if you make a claim. Insurance companies calculate an estimated insured sum based on the size of your house/flat. Small residences normally have lower estimated insured sums than large residences. You can usually adjust the insured sum to meet your needs. For example, if you have a small flat with a lot of very valuable belongings, you might want to increase your insured sum.

The insured sum affects your monthly premium. The more you get insured, the more your monthly premium will cost.

Does Home Contents Insurance Cover Belongings Outside The Home?2020-09-18T16:05:08+02:00

Yes, in some cases home contents insurance covers damages to your belongings outside your home. For instance, let’s say you’re on vacation and you and your family are staying in a hotel. You come back after a long day and see that someone has stolen your jewelry and cash from your hotel room. In this case, your home contents insurance might cover the cost of the stolen jewelry and cash.

*It’s important to note that different insurances have varying conditions. Make sure you read the fine print of what your insurance policy covers before you purchase your home contents insurance.

Home Contents Insurance VS. Homeowners Insurance2020-09-18T15:59:49+02:00

Home contents insurance generally insures belongings you have inside your home. In contrast, homeowners insurance covers damages to your home itself. For comparison, let’s imagine you have a fire in your kitchen that damages your ceiling and kitchen table. Homeowners insurance would cover the damages to your ceiling and home contents insurance would cover your damaged kitchen table.

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