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Dental Insurance Germany


Dental Insurance Germany Germany offers some of the highest quality dental care in all of Europe. Many Germans buy supplemental dental insurance in Germany from a private health insurance company. In the German healthcare system, dental treatment is partly privatized. In other words, your health insurance might not always cover the entire cost of your […]

best online bank germany

What Is The Best Online Bank In Germany 2020?

Best Online Bank Germany What is the best online bank in Germany? A question you probably ask yourself, when living in Germany. Maybe you just moved recently to Germany and already figured out that trying to get a German bank account at one of the local banks without speaking German yet, is like a trip […]

tk insurance germany

TK Insurance Germany

TK Insurance Germany TK (Techniker Krankenkasse) is a public health insurance company in Germany. Over 10.4 million people are insured with TK. This makes it the largest German public health insurance company. TK insurance in Germany is a popular choice for expats. One reason for this is because all of TK’s services are expat-friendly. For […]

personal LIABILITY INSURANCE germany


Personal Liability Insurance Personal liability insurance in Germany is one of the most important types of insurance. It protects you financially from accidental damages you inflict on another person or his/her property. It is also sometimes referred to as private liability insurance. Table of Contents: Top 3 Personal Liability Insurance Companies for Expats Who needs […]

bicycle insurance germany

BICYCLE Insurance Germany

Bicycle Insurance Germany Biking in Germany is very common. It’s especially popular in cities where driving a car might be a little bit of a headache. Like any city, sometimes there is a lot of traffic and limited parking space available. So many German residents rely on their bicycles for getting from one place to […]

dog liability insurance germany

DOG Liability INSURANCE Germany

Table Of Contents: Dog Liability Insurance What Does Dog Liability Insurance Cover? What Does Dog Liability Insurance Not Cover? Who Needs Dog Liability Insurance? Best Dog Liability Insurance In Germany For Expats FAQ 1. Dog Liability Insurance The law in Germany says that dog owners are legally responsible for all damages their dogs cause. Whether […]


Insurance In Germany

After you move to Germany one of the first things you will have to deal with is insurance in Germany. Germany is pretty serious about insurance. Some types of insurance in Germany are mandatory, some are highly recommended and some insurances you don’t really need. Most Important Insurance In Germany In this article I will […]

German Private Liability Insurance

Best German PRIVATE LIABILITY Insurance

You just arrived to Germany. You’ve become friends with your neighbors and they invite you and your family over for dinner one night. You bring your children along with you and while they’re playing, your daughter accidentally breaks your neighbors’ glass coffee table. They bought it from a custom furniture store and it was worth […]