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How To Get Legal Insurance In Germany

The process of finding the right legal insurance in Germany for expats can be overwhelming. Maybe you don’t know if you need legal insurance, or you don’t know which legal insurance to choose. You’re not alone! There’s a lot to consider. But you’re at the right place! This guide has all the information you need on legal insurance in Germany.

Just keep reading and at the end of this guide, you will know everything about lawyer insurance in Germany and which one you should choose.

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  • Indemnity legal protection
  • Private Contracts
  • Disputes with administrative authorities


  • Disputes with your employer
  • Defense in disciplinary and professional conduct cases

Traffic Offense

  • Indemnity legal protection
  • Legal protection in contract and property law (e.g. after buying a car)
  • Misdemeanor legal protection
  • Disputes with financial authorities
  • Disputes with administrative authorities
  • Criminal legal protection
  • Parking violations
  • Driving of external vehicles through insured persons


  • Disputes with your landlord
  • Disputes with neighbors

Private & traffic offense legal insurance are most important

You can usually purchase the first three types of legal insurance (private, professional & traffic offense) in one policy. Many legal insurance providers offer policies that include all three because legal cases happen most often within these sectors.

The exact coverage, however, ultimately depends on which insurance policy you buy. For instance, basic plans normally do not include legal protection for inheritance law, tax law or divorce law. In most cases you must explicitly choose to add these to your legal insurance plan.

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