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In Germany, disability insurance is after health insurance and private insurance Liability insurance the most important insurance. Unfortunately, it is also very complex and there are many points to consider before, during and after graduation. That’s why this article will tell you how to do it in just 5 steps get the perfect disability insurance!

1. Find out about disability insurance yourself

  • How does disability insurance work?
  • What exactly is covered?
  • Which clauses are important?
  • How much BU pension do I have to insure?
  • Why should you only take out pure BU insurance and not a combination with pension insurance

It just doesn’t work without a certain amount of personal responsibility. You have to understand the principles of such an important insurance yourself. The easiest way would be mine here Playlist take a look through the disability insurance on YouTube. After that you are probably smarter than some insurance brokers ;-).

2. Book a consultation with an insurance expert

Yes I know. All insurance intermediaries are crooks, cutthroats, criminals, commission vultures and think only of themselves. Am I right? At least that’s what your parents, grandpa, grandma, neighbors, work colleagues, consumer protection and the BILD newspaper say.

The nice thing is: not all insurance brokers are like that. There are black sheep, yes. Still far too many in my eyes.

But there are also extremely good and decent insurance brokers. You can do this, for example, on a professional website, reviews (e.g. Google) or just tie in with enough customers. I don’t want to offend anyone, but if your agent tells you he has time to meet you any day, any time … well. Then this might not be the best choice ;-).

And now this comes Most important . Have you ever tried on a shoe in a shoe store and then bought it online instead of in a shoe store because it was € 15 cheaper there? Exactly this principle many also want to apply to a disability insurance.

“I’m not stupid! I complete the BU online via Check24! At least I won’t throw the commission down the throat of the agent! “

Ok, now please hold on to the chair, otherwise you will fall straight backwards:

From a legal perspective, portals like Check24 are the same Insurance broker like me or any other insurance broker out there too! And now it comes:

The price of your disability insurance with the insurance broker you trust is therefore exactly the same as Check24! Crazy, right?

Taking out disability insurance alone is simply stupid

What does that mean in reverse: That means that the really really stupid is the one who takes out disability insurance himself without help on the Internet.

Because he or she does it himself, potentially making a lot of mistakes (e.g. with the health information) and then at the end may have an occupational disability insurance for which he / she pays a monthly contribution, but could actually throw it in the bin.

Always get an insurance expert

Conclusion : Get an insurance man who correct idea has and you too sympathetic is – ideally an insurance broker – (because access to almost all companies on the market). Same price, but no risk that you somehow screw up your application for disability insurance

3. Don’t just look at the price!

Of course, the price of insurance is an important criterion. And with a car insurance it is understandable that nowadays you almost only look at the price when you take out one.

A car insurance is not an occupational disability insurance

But a car insurance only insures one car and an occupational disability insurance insures your body. That makes a huge difference in terms of the importance of the insured thing.

Even if there are still more fully comprehensive car insurance policies in Germany than occupational disability insurance, aka. Fully comprehensive insurance for your workforce. Status symbols ahoy! Welcome to the German mindset of the day before yesterday.

With disability insurance, performance always comes before price

So: Top performance costs money. Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

In the end, you should take out disability insurance with an insurer that has first-class conditions (which fits your situation, e.g. student, employee, civil servant, self-employed, freelancer, etc.) and not choose the cheapest provider.

Listen to your insurance broker’s recommendation

And this is where the expertise and experience of your insurance person come into play. For example, I now know a lot of board members of insurance companies personally and I will put it this way: As an insurance broker, it helps if you know the processes in an insurance company.

So that everything not only looks good in theory, but also in practice. And if your insurance person has any idea here, then you should also listen to his recommendation.

It doesn’t work without trust

And to immediately invalidate the next argument: Yes, the higher your contribution, the higher the compensation for the insurance people!

But either you trust him or her that he will offer you the best possible protection, which then may not be the cheapest, or you can leave the whole thing straight. Nothing works without trust. Nothing at all! Incidentally, this must be present on both sides.

4. Pre-risk inquiries are a must if you are not 100% healthy!

When it comes to filling out the application and you discover that there have been one or the other health incident in the past few years, be it allergies, broken bones, OPs, psyche etc., then always play it safe and not directly one Submit the application, but together with the insurance broker make a so-called advance risk inquiry to the insurer (or to several insurers).

Have the insurability in the disability insurance checked anonymously in advance

This can be used to check insurability in advance without storing the vote (which could be a rejection) in the HIS (notification and information system of the insurer).

This is extremely important! Once you are in this file, almost all insurers can look into it and see that you have already been rejected. Well … why should they take you on then ???

And when your insurance guy says “Come on, let’s try that with the proposal. It will work….” then put your feet in your hands and run away or close your laptop during the online consultation.

NO reputable insurance broker would say such a thing! None! For the good of the customer, an advance risk inquiry is always made if the state of health is not perfect!

5. Don’t forget to adjust your BU pension upwards

Once the disability insurance has been taken out and ended up in the folder in the closet (or in the Insurance app – if you want to use my free insurance app, you can register here ), then this is often forgotten over the years. And you overslept that you should perhaps have adjusted your disability pension.

Your coverage needs will change over time

And suddenly you have only insured a BU pension of € 1,500, but due to increases in income etc. you would actually need € 2,500 by now.

Now you can adjust your disability pension upwards at almost any point in time – but only with renewed health issues . And this can quickly become impossible if new diseases etc. have arisen over the years.

Use additional insurance guarantees in the disability insurance

This is where the so-called (event-related and non-event-related) Additional insurance guarantees in the game! You can use this to adjust your BU pension upwards without having to answer health questions again.

Of course, this is only possible to a limited extent, but some of the insurers’ subsequent insurance guarantees are really well designed. A couple of triggers for these additional insurance guarantees would be, for example Wedding, finishing your studies, switching to self-employment or buying a house to name a few.

You can read all reinsurance guarantees in detail in your insurance conditions.

Conclusion on the 5 steps to the perfect disability insurance

If you follow all of the above steps, nothing stands in the way of a perfect disability insurance for you.

And if you still lack the right insurance person, feel free to see if you are in mine Online calendar find a free appointment with me or one of my colleagues for free online advice. ;-)