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Before you take out disability insurance, of course, you want to know how much disability insurance costs. In fact, some people even go here and don’t even want to know how a BU insurance works, they are only interested in the price. If this fits, it is first checked whether or not you should have such an insurance. Needless to say, this is a completely wrong approach. But now butter for the fish: What is the price of a good disability insurance? How much can disability insurance cost for different professions?

In the following article (and video) I will give you the price-relevant influencing factors and some real examples so that you too can get a rough idea of what disability insurance may cost.

It depends on your job

The monthly contribution of your Occupational disability insurance is made up of various influencing factors. One of them – and probably the most important – is the job that you were doing at the time of taking out disability insurance. Depending on whether this is classified as low-risk or high-risk by the insurer, you fall into a corresponding risk or tariff group. For example A1 or 4. The names vary from insurer to insurer. A bricklayer or a fitness trainer, for example, has a much higher risk class than an office worker and would accordingly pay a higher contribution.

Your age is also important

Your age at the time of taking out disability insurance is almost as relevant as your current job. The general rule is: the younger you are when you take out your disability insurance, the cheaper the premium. The older you are, the higher the contribution. That is why it is absolutely recommended to deal with the topic of occupational disability at a young age (even as a student or pupil). As clever as it is, so few people actually do it.

The amount of your BU pension

One factor that is probably relatively clear: the more BU pension you cover, the higher your contribution. But that doesn’t mean that you should cover less in order to save on premiums. On the contrary. If you take out disability insurance, you should always wear this here Disability pension (Video) secure what you really need in the worst case. Please note that also from your BU pension Taxes and possibly health insurance contributions are deducted .

The duration of your disability insurance

The longer the term of your BU insurance, the higher the premium. That makes sense too. Because the older you get, the higher the chance that you will be unable to work. Cancer and other diseases of civilization usually only strike at an advanced age. And a disease like cancer very often results in direct disability. That is why it is also advisable to always let your BU pension run until the current retirement age (2020: 67 years). Some brokers are happy to leave out a few years at the end in order to reduce the contribution. This is very dangerous and you as a customer should not fall for this “sleight of hand”. Because in the end you will have a BU insurance, but one with a coverage gap precisely when the risk of occupational disability is highest.

Real Examples “Disability Insurance Costs” (2020)

Now that you know the factors influencing the price of disability insurance, let’s look at a few real examples from practice.

NurseOffice workerelectriciancollege student
Age25 years25 years25 years25 years
Smoker / Non-smoker Non-smokerNon-smokerNon-smokerNon-smoker
Share of physical activitiesmore than 50%0%more than 50%0%
BU pension€ 1,500€ 1,500€ 1,500€ 1,500
running timeto 67to 67to 67to 67
Contribution (for recommended worthy provider) approx. 130 € / monthapprox. 80 € / monthapprox. € 90 / monthapprox. 50 € / month

As you can see, the contributions vary greatly depending on the professional group. The business administration student gets away best, with just 50 € contribution for 1,500 € insured BU pension.

Conclusion on “This is how much an occupational disability insurance can cost”

Don’t wait too long to get disability insurance. The longer you wait, the more expensive the fee will be. This does not even include the risk of your health deteriorating over time. And if you are still a student, then you have the best cards to get a very cheap BU insurance, which you do not have to adjust later when you are really working. You stay in the risk group as you did when you graduated. Something that many people don’t know either.