How you can easily open a Spanish bank account online

If you live, live or work in Spain, a Spanish bank account is arguably one of the first things you need. In this article you will find out how and where, as a German, you can easily open your Spanish bank account online.

In the following blog article you will learn how you can easily open a Spanish bank account online. You might be wondering why you should read this blog article to open an account in Spain and not just go to any Spanish bank and open an account online.

In principle, you can also do that if you

  • have several hours to first find a Spanish bank where you can open a bank account online
  • really all felt 100 documents at hand that are needed for this
  • you can speak Spanish well (very few banks’ websites are also in English, not to mention German)

However, if you want to get to know the currently really easiest process of opening a Spanish bank account online, which only takes a few minutes, the account is free and everything is also possible in German, then you should read on now.

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Which provider allows you to easily open your Spanish bank account?

The provider is the Berlin-based bank N26. A very modern and innovative bank, which is now also represented in many other European countries – including Spain.

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N26 is an online bank with no branches. This can save a lot of costs. The only thing you need around N26 a smartphone, PC or tablet can be used. Personally, I use my smartphone almost 90% of the time and can do all of my banking with the N26 app.

N26 is subject to all legal conditions like any other German bank.

But you can use everything in German for this, even though you open the bank account for Spain.

This means that German support is of course available to you at all times and you don’t have to mess with Spanish hotlines should something go wrong.

I don’t want to be without my N26 bank account myself

What documents do you need to open an account?

Unlike all other Spanish banks, with N26 you only need very few documents to open an account.

You only need the following information to open an account:

  • a Spanish address (this is where your EC card and (if desired) free credit card will be sent
  • Valid Email Address
  • Valid mobile phone number (unlike all other Spanish banks, a German mobile phone number is also possible)
  • your identity card for subsequent video identification

And that’s it. Easy right?

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