A deposit is necessary so that you can buy stocks, funds or ETFs. Investing in stocks and the like makes perfect sense and is not that difficult – with the right broker. One of the best custody account providers / online brokers in Germany is comdirect. I’ve had my depot there for a long time and I’m really satisfied. Opening a comdirect depot is very easy and can also be done fairly quickly from home. In this article you will find out how you can easily open your custody account online with comdirect. To this end, I will primarily highlight the advantages and also present two possible alternatives to the comdirect depot.

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Facts about comdirect Bank AG

Voted best bank by € uro magazine (05/2020) for the third time in a row, comdirect Bank AG is doing very well as a company. Probably one of the reasons why many people open a comdirect depot.

The bank was founded in 1994 and is now one of the leading direct banks in Germany. With over 2.7 million customers (as of September 2019), comdirect customers not only find innovative and modern products, but also the corresponding service. And that as a direct bank from anywhere in the world. One of my main personal reasons why I opened my custody account with comdirect. Basically your deposit (and bank account) in your pocket.

Easy and uncomplicated

Very simple solutions for investors – whether direct investing, saving or trading with stocks and Co. – the online broker offers the right solution for everything. Various smart tools and services (e.g. robo-advisors, motivational investing) or an extremely broad portfolio for securities savings plans complete the offer.

In my opinion, the conditions for the investor are absolutely competitive.

I could now explain the complete company history here, but I think that this is unnecessary at this point and just wastes your time.

The conclusion to the company is: Good online broker or bank with many services and good conditions for you as a customer.

Advantages of comdirect

Now let’s take a look at the specific advantages that you get when you open a comdirect depot. The more than 2 million customers who trade and invest via a comdirect Wetparpier depot actually speak for themselves. But of course I would like to list the real advantages for you.

  • completely free custody account management guaranteed for 3 full years

After 3 years, your custody account will remain free of charge if you make at least 2 trades per quarter, have a current account with comdirect or regularly pay into a securities savings plan (at least one execution per quarter). So that your deposit remains free, I recommend the free current account at this point. You have done this point directly and you do not have to worry about possible custody fees in the future.

  • you trade for 3.90 euros per trade for 12 months

This applies to German stock exchanges and over-the-counter trading (except for Eurex, CFD trading and new shares). You will also be charged for any third-party costs and exchange-related fees as well as telephone, fax and letter surcharges for placing the order. After the discount period of 12 months has expired, you will trade from 9.90 euros. This only applies to new comdirect depot customers. And you count as a new custody account customer if you have not yet managed a custody account with comdirect in the last 6 months. Comdirect reserves the right to modify, extend or terminate this offer at any time. One should also know this.

  • 24/7 service available. By phone, email or in a really practical live chat

I especially love the live chat! Due to my work, I often sit at the PC and here I can easily clarify my questions in the chat. For me personally an absolute plus.

  • also operate mobile trading with the free comdirect trading app

An app goes without saying today, but I still want to list it here. With the free comdirect trading app, you can quickly grab your favorite stocks or sell securities on the go.

  • Up to 100% possible discounts on sales charges for funds

This is also an advantage that can be quite interesting. If you can save yourself the odd expenditure spike, then that’s a nice thing.

  • free real-time courses

Prices are displayed in real time, so that you always know exactly what is going on and “how the stocks are doing”. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun at this point. :-P

  • large selection of savings plans

For many, the topic of ETF savings plan or share savings plan is relevant. So for me too. Here comdirect has one of the largest options for savings plans. A savings plan can be started from as little as € 25 per month. This means that even small investors can start right here.

  • Regularly multiple awards from experts

The high quality and performance of the comdirect depot is regularly confirmed by experts. In 2019 alone, comdirect was named online broker of the year several times. Among others from the magazine € uro, BrokerWahl or the German Institute for Service Quality GmbH.

  • it just works

As banal as this point may sound, it is just as important to me. I don’t have time to look at every penny and spend hours comparing whether I can still save 0.05% deposit fee anywhere. For me it is important that the most important services are available, the costs are fair and that everything works in the end. And this is exactly what I have been able to get confirmed several times in the many years that my depot has been with comdirect. As a consultant in the online insurance sector, I know how important functioning processes are. Especially when it comes to complex insurance such as a Occupational disability insurance goes. And that’s why I rate my portfolio using similar criteria.


Now that you know the advantages of the comdirect depot, we will now highlight the specific functions that your comdirect depot brings with it.

  • Trading app

As already mentioned, with the comdirect trading app you can keep an eye on your securities account at any time and trade securities. A function that I wouldn’t want to be without anymore.

  • Informer

You can use your personal informer to put together current information according to your wishes and interests. Interactive charts and much more await you there.

  • individually adaptable depot overview

You can display your depot completely individually. The individual columns of the table view are configurable and there are various direct ordering options. You can easily export securities account values and import them into your model portfolio.

  • free sample deposit

You can put together your desired titles using a sample portfolio and always have them in mind. I personally like to use this.

  • LiveTrading

You have the opportunity to be active on another trading venue via this over-the-counter trading platform. There are some advantages over stock exchange trading that might be of interest to you.

  • Tools for risk analysis and deposit simulation

A couple of really exciting tools with which you can evaluate your portfolio structure and risk.

  • and much more.

There are a few more services and functions that I don’t want to list here. In my opinion, the most important functions that you should know are mentioned.

Comdirect depot costs

Costs are always important and you should know them for every service or product. The same applies to your depot. Below I have summarized all costs for you.

Custody account management costs

comdirect depot kosten - Open comdirect depot - All information from AZ (2020)

Order fees

kosten comdirect depot order entgelt - Open comdirect depot - All information from AZ (2020)

Cost savings plan

comdirect depot kosten sparplan - Open comdirect depot - All information from AZ (2020)

Alternative to comdirect

The comdirect depot is my personal favorite of the online brokers. But of course there are other providers that you can use as alternatives. I have briefly listed two other good alternatives for you below. The depot provider may fit flatex or Trade Republic even better to you.


The Flatex online broker offers very low costs and good conditions.

flatex depot ero%CC%88ffnen erfahrungen 300x130 - Open comdirect depot - All information from AZ (2020)


Trade for 3.80 euros + external expenses

Favorable and transparent flat fee conditions

Free real-time rates

Trade 250+ ETF savings plans with no order fee

Account opening in just 5 minutes

Trade Republic

Trade Republic is Germany’s cheapest online broker. The Berlin start-up impresses with completely commission-free trading.

trade republic erfahrungen depot 300x130 - Open comdirect depot - All information from AZ (2020)


Trade for only 1 euro

No custody fees

280 ETF savings plans (excluding fees)

approx. 7,300 stocks and 500 ETFs

approx. 40,000 derivatives

Depot opening in just 3 minutes

Open a comdirect depot – this is how it works

If you have now decided to open a comdirect depot, you can do this online in a few minutes. Both the opening of the depot and the legitimation can be done conveniently online and from home. The opening is really easy and further illustrated instructions or the like are really not necessary.

Establishing your identity

For legal reasons, comdirect has to check your identity if you want to open a comdirect depot. This can be done through the following 3 ways be performed.

Identify your identity immediately online via video telephony – no need to go to the post office (recommended)

  • Video transmission via the comdirect app with your customer advisor
  • Online and conveniently on your smartphone
  • You need a valid German identity card or passport or an Austrian passport (issued from 05.09.2014)

This makes it even faster – completely without post and video transmission (check requirements!)

  • You need an Android smartphone with NFC functionality
  • You need the new identity card (in credit card format)
    Incl. your PIN

Identify your identity in a post office – the slow and arduous way (not recommended)

  • Print the opening application incl. PostIdent coupon and sign it
  • Then go to a post office of your choice with your opening application and your identification document
  • The post office employee will send your opening documents directly to comdirect

Only when your identity has been successfully established will the deposit contract come into effect.

Frequently asked questions