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ottonova is Germany’s first digital private health insurance. Simple, online and mobile. You can find out all the current information (2020) about ottonova and the easiest way to become a customer there yourself in this article.

Overview of the expert article

1. About ottonova

2. What tariffs does ottonva offer?

  • for employees
  • for self-employed

3. Who is ottonova suitable for?

4. Frequently asked questions

1. About the company

Ottonova is Germany’s first, complete digital private health insurance . In addition, the first private health insurance company founded in 17 years. This shows that it was more than overdue for the private health insurance market in Germany to be shaken up a bit and finally catapulted into the 21st century.

Manage private health insurance simply using your smartphone

Ottonova’s claim is that you only have your smartphone and the corresponding ottonova app you need to be able to handle your health insurance matters – even a doctor’s visit is possible via online advice via your smartphone.

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Frank Thelen about ottonova

Germany’s digital thought leader Frank Thelen has a clear opinion about ottonova. The investor welcomes private digital health insurance, which uses technology to make health insurance easier than ever.

The insurance industry must be revolutionized.

Frank Thelen

Who is behind ottonova?

The founders of ottonova:

Frank Birzle, Sebastian Scherer and Dr. Roman Rittweger, MD.

I had already interviewed CEO Roman Rittweger myself. You can see this (longer) interview opposite.

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How exactly does ottonova work?

At its core, ottonova is one Private health insurance as there are some on the market in Germany. There are Full health insurance for employees and Self-employed , but also for Officer . There are also various supplementary health insurances at ottonova.

However, ottonova has a slightly different concept than any other private health insurer. The concept is called digital . And therefore as easy and convenient as possible for the insured.

One app – many options

Submit bills via smartphone, doctor visits via video chat perceive and via the so-called ” Concierge Service ” Book doctor appointments with ease.

What is ottonova’s vision?

In short: to make private health insurance as simple, yet powerful and of high quality as possible. The founders of ottonova not only wanted to create health insurance that would make your everyday life easier, but also health insurance that you can rely on in the future.

Long term strategy

When it comes to your health, one thing your health insurer shouldn’t do is think short term. And that’s why everything at ottonova is designed for the long term. And in my opinion that is extremely important.

There too no commissions are paid to insurance intermediaries, ottonova saves enormous sales costs. Thanks to a special contribution calculation, the contributions at ottonova should also increase significantly develop more stable than with competitors.

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Get a free offer from ottonova!

2. What are the PKV tariffs?

Probably the most important question: which tariffs / services does ottonova’s private health insurance offer you?

For employees

At ottonova, as an employee (who earned more than € 62,250 in 2020, i.e. above the annual income limit), you can choose between two tariffs. This is useful because you don’t have to compare hundreds of different tariff combinations and then lose track of the tariff jungle.

Tariffs based on booking classes on the plane

Ottonova has based its tariffs a little on the booking classes in the airplane. So there is one Business class and one First class tariff . You won’t find an economy tariff. There is also a reason for this: you shouldn’t make any compromises when it comes to performance, just because of the low price.

And unlike flying, where the main thing is that you arrive safely, it comes with one

Health insurance very strong too HOW say, how are you covered, at what “altitude” is your tariff.

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For the self-employed

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3. Who is this private health insurance for?

Here you can find out for whom ottonova is suitable as private health insurance and whether ottonova may be exactly the right choice for you.

The private health insurance from ottonova is clearly something for people who have one simple, fast and digital want private health insurance with very good performance .

The uncomplicated one Online degree makes the topic even more pleasant for you. We also have a separate, very, for you detailed and illustrated instructions created .

The insurance industry in general is extremely conservative and not very digital. Old, grown structures are turning large insurers into very slow-grinding mills that will still have a large part of communication via fax in 2020.

With ottonova there is no such disadvantage. Ottonova is new to the market, with state-of-the-art IT and can pick you up as a customer exactly where he is: in a digital age.

If you value the points mentioned, then you are in very good hands with ottonova.

If you are also fit and healthy, then there should be no difficulties getting into private health insurance. Because of course there are – as with any other private health insurance – health questions when applying.

4. Frequently asked questions

In our FAQ you will find the most frequently asked questions about ottonova and the answers to them.

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What are the basic advantages of private health insurance?2021-07-28T13:26:48+02:00

With private health insurance there are basically the following advantages over statutory health insurance: The benefits in your private health insurance are contractually stipulated and cannot be reduced as in statutory health insurance. This happens almost annually there and is nothing more than an indirect increase in premium, as the benefits decrease, but your premium remains the same. private health insurance is fairer towards the generations. With so-called aging reserves, which are set up in your contract, you finance your own costs in old age and do not burden the next generation with this, as is the case with statutory health insurance. Even if the price is not the biggest driver of your decision, in many cases private health insurance is also cheaper than statutory health insurance. Especially if you are a high earner and earn above the income threshold (2020: 56,250 euros per year). And last but not least, in many areas, such as dentures or inpatient treatment, you have much better benefits than a person with statutory health insurance

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