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Why are we doing this By many Emails, comments and Facebook messages we noticed that our viewers like to concrete recommendations for certain insurance companies. That is why we have decided to list the best providers * for the respective area here on this page.


The best health insurance for active people

Health insurance is the most important insurance for a person. It pays for all medical expenses incurred after an accident or serious illness, for example. These costs can quickly run into tens of thousands and even higher. This is why good health insurance is so important. In Germany, all statutory health insurances / health insurances must provide a specified minimum benefit. This is the same for all health insurance companies. However, the individual health insurance companies differ in their additional services. In other words, services that are not mandatory but which the health insurance company also offers. These are then often financed by the so-called additional contribution.

Additional benefits are crucial for a health insurance company

Therefore, you should take a close look at these additional services in order to get the additional services that you yourself value with a statutory health insurance. Especially for young people, the BIG direkt healthy offers exceptionally high and numerous additional benefits and is still below the market average with a total contribution of currently (2017) of 15.6% (1% additional contribution). Additional services with this health insurance would be, for example

  • Grants for sports programs (Gymondo, Mach-Dich-Krass, Sophia Thiel)
  • Bonuses for memberships in the gym or sports club
  • Grants or full coverage of professional teeth cleaning
  • free travel and protective vaccinations

These are just a few of the additional services that BIG Direkt healthy offers. You can find detailed information about this health insurance in the following video from me, as well as directly from the BIG direkt healthy by contacting a free info set request.



>> here detailed video view for recommendation.


Insurance not needed? Then get back up to 40% of your contributions with friendsurance!

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Additional dental insurance from the test winner 2016? You are welcome! svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3 - Our recommendations


Looking for commercial insurance? Finanzchef24 has it all!

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Your life insurance contract doesn’t keep what it promised? Check a withdrawal for free!

> here detailed video to view helpcheck.


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