In this article, you will learn how you can automatically increase your pension with each of your purchases without having to spend 1 cent more

One thing in advance: NO, there is actually NO catch. I have this unique product Completed even for me and asked every imaginable question, read through the terms and conditions and even talked to the developer of the plus pension personally – MULTIPLE!

Every time I do now book a flight online , me Buy clothes , at the Gas station refuel or mine Invite friends to dinner , etc . a certain amount goes into my pension insurance – without any additional expenses!

How you can increase your retirement provision with ALL of your future purchases, whether ONLINE or OFFLINE, can be found in this short explanatory video:

Shop online and save money for your retirement at the same time? This is how it works:

Through the very innovative pension insurance product Plus pension you can every time you shopping online go cash money save for your retirement provision. A part of every purchase on the Internet comes back, flows directly into your pension provision and increases it! Like you with too Offline purchases You can find out below about saving for your pension.

The great thing: The minimum contribution for this pension insurance is only € 30 per month – so € 1 per day! And you’re ready to start collecting lots of cashback with your plus pension!

Selection of over 1,100 partner shops

OK, understood! But how exactly does online shopping work?

With every purchase in the more than 1,100 online shops, depending on the shop, you will receive a certain percentage of the purchase price as Cashback back – and this goes directly as EXTRA RETURN in your pension insurance!

Improve your pension by shopping in over 1,100 online shops: among them are, for example Zalando, Expedia, baby market, ebay and many many more.
Personal login to the page die “Plus pension”: Simply register and start choosing your online shop right away
Cashback for all your purchases: an affiliate system applies your purchases directly to your pension insurance

That was all the magic: online shopping combined with cashback and pension insurance. You could have guessed it earlier, right?

plusrente - Plus pension - cashback directly into your pension insurance
Bildschirmfoto 2019 01 16 um 06.40.16 - Plus pension - cashback directly into your pension insurance

Are you already convinced?

You will receive cashback for your pension with EVERY purchase – whether online or offline

Since we buy everything online (at least not yet), it would be nice if you could also receive cashback for your retirement provision for all other purchases, wouldn’t it?

And that is also possible!

After completing the plus pension, you can take a completely free VISA credit card apply via your online access.

And every time you use this credit card, you automatically migrate 0.5% cashback directly into your pension insurance. That doesn’t sound like much, but believe me it adds up to over a year – we’re talking about EVERYONE of your purchases!


Here are three more tips to maximize your cashback:

  • Use the credit card as a means of payment in the online shops – then there are two cashbacks. Once through the cashback in the respective online shop and then again the 0.5% cashback of the credit card on top
  • Amazon is never part of cashback systems. Nevertheless, I also get cashback when I shop at Amazon. Simply save your new plus pension credit card as a means of payment in your Amazon account
  • Offer to always pay for everyone in restaurants, when booking a holiday at the cinema, etc. and that your friends then transfer the money or give you in cash afterwards – this will increase your cashback immensely!

Advantages of your plusrenten credit card:

Bildschirmfoto 2018 03 09 um 00.00.21 - Plus pension - cashback directly into your pension insurance


Since when applying for a credit card, your Schufa, i.e. your creditworthiness, is always checked, of course, I cannot guarantee that you will also get the plus pension credit card. As I said, that depends on your Schufa score, among other things.

I really want it!

Several 10,000 € more in capital through the cashbacks

I wasn’t a math genius at school, but the following points make sense to me too and the graphic below illustrates very well how the Extra contribution in the form of cashbacks, ultimately affect your total capital.

The compound interest effect is your friend

Due to the long term, even only small contributions and cashbacks generate a considerable return in the end. In the graphic opposite, the difference with and without cashback can be seen very clearly.


In any other pension insurance you only have your own contribution (Riester left out)

With the plus pension you save DOUBLE for old age. I know people whose cashback is higher per year than the actual monthly contribution they pay into the pension insurance.

Bildschirmfoto 2018 03 09 um 00.00.32 - Plus pension - cashback directly into your pension insurance

At this point it should also be mentioned that the unit-linked pension insurance, which is the basis of the plus pension, meets ALL the important criteria that a very good pension insurance must meet today – otherwise I would not have taken out this myself and my wife 😉 One Investment of contributions and cashbacks in e.g. inexpensive ETFs (including MSCI World) is also possible, even if you cannot select this directly when taking the online course. There are currently three Black Rock funds to choose from

  • Fund Defensive BlackRock
    ISIN: LU1191062576
  • Fund Moderate BlackRock
    ISIN: LU1191063038
  • Fund Growth BlackRock
    ISIN: LU1191063541

You can then use a simple change form to change your desired funds (which the Bavarian offers) and change your system.

Now you’ve really convinced me

My final advice to you

We all have too little pension provision. It’s just not a sexy topic. We just don’t feel like it! And that’s okay too. Life is too short to deal with insurance all the time (that’s enough if I do that and shoot videos for you 😉)

It doesn’t matter how we build up our retirement provision – we just HAVE to DO it! Otherwise it won’t look very rosy for us later.

The possibility of being able to automatically make old-age provision with your daily purchases and thus – depending on your purchasing behavior – to get several 100 € per year in additional capital in your pension insurance is simply an incredibly clever way of making old-age provision.

I mean you are buying ANYWAY still one, with or without the plus pension. But in the future you could effectively use every purchase you make for your retirement provision.

I wish you a lot of extra returns through the cashbacks 🙂

Your Bastian from insurance with head


PS I also noticed that the bad conscience that sometimes arises after shopping turns into a positive feeling, because now you’ve done something for your retirement

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