With private supplementary health insurance you can raise your services and your “status” in the hospital or with doctors above the legal level. Private supplementary health insurances are particularly interesting if you actually (fully) use the services that are insured every year!

Because when you choose the right insurer, you will quickly find that the benefits you receive far exceed the actual premium because you pay per year – you are making “profit”.

Sounds crazy right? How can that be?

This is simply because, for example, private supplementary health insurance is taken out for preventive examinations, which you could actually take every year, but most people simply do not do this because they are too comfortable or because they don’t even know how exactly and how often you can use your private supplementary health insurance.

So that this doesn’t happen to you and the topic of private supplementary health insurance becomes a “lucrative business” for you, you will find a list of the best tariffs for private supplementary health insurance below.

These include the following areas:

  • Inpatient tariffs (head physician treatment), 2-bed room in hospital
  • Outpatient tariffs (glasses, alternative practitioners, preventive examinations, so-called “IGEL services”, hearing aids, eye lasers, etc.)
  • Dental tariffs (dental treatment, dentures, orthodontics)

You will find below the respective tariffs with the exact service descriptions, how high the services are per year and what contribution you would have to pay here. In the end, it comes down to simple math to determine whether private supplementary health insurance is worthwhile for you or not – but if you take out this cleverly and use it, it is almost always worthwhile ;-)

Outpatient coverage

Visual aids and preventive examinations – WITHOUT WAITING PERIOD (tariff: “VorsorgePRIVAT” Bayerische Beamtenkasse)

Prescription sunglasses are also possible. No waiting time and no diopter change necessary for full performance.

No prescription / prescription from an ophthalmologist necessary. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? :-)

The services in detail:

  • 80% visual aids Max. 400 € every 2 calendar years. (within two consecutive CY.)
  • 100% pension benefits € 500 per calendar year. (1 calendar year € 200, 1-2 calendar year € 500)
  • 100% vaccinations 300 € every 2 calendar years
  • 80% prescribed hearing aids Max. 800 € in 5 calendar years
  • 100% refractive surgery (e.g. laser eye surgery) up to a total of 1500 € during the contract period. (1 CY. € 200, 1-2 CY. € 500)

Here you can see the exact benefits from the insurance conditions. I have already highlighted all the important points for you in color:


“Private pension plan” tariff information

Flyer private provision with examples of benefits


All services WITHOUT WAITING PERIOD – virtually conclude the tariff today and go to the doctor / optician tomorrow.

Practical example: Customers aged 20 to 100 with visual aids pays € 17.45 per month for the tariff. The following contributions would be due until January 1st, 2020


KV Zusatz Beitragsentwicklung Countdown VorsorgePRIVAT 1 - Private supplementary health insurance


Refund examples:

Visual aids:

04.10.2017 600 € visual aid

Refund 400 €

– next claim on 01/01/2019



10/10/2017 Eye care 40 €

Refund 40 €

(underestimate prevention (IGEL – Individual Health Services) Services not!)



11/08/2017 Ultrasound breast 80 €

Refund 80 €

Real, really good, right ?! Just by using the € 400 for visual aids this year (October 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2019) you have a financial advantage of € 138.25 + the additional benefits from the benefits for the provision. If you use the € 400 for the visual aids this year, you will have the next claim on January 1st, 2019. Because the CALENDAR YEAR always applies to the insurance and not the actual period of one year when the contract was concluded.


The only requirement: statutory health insurance, for all other reasons no refusal is possible. All services are completely independent of each other.


The most important things in summary

  • Strong performance with little personal contribution (“you are practically a plus”) for visual aids and preventive examinations
  • 100% no catch on the matter
  • no waiting time in the tariff
  • First termination option on December 31, 2018, thereafter can be canceled annually
  • can easily be applied for online
  • Without a visual aid already in place, the monthly fee is reduced from € 17.45 to € 13.45