On this page you can find out how you can easily get your existing health insurance BIG direct health insurance

BIG 400x400 300x300 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company online– the first online direct health insurance company in Germany.


Without further costs , with as little effort as possible. You do not have to print or post anything for this process. I’ve completely designed the process for you so that everything is either on-line or can be implemented from your PC.


All BIG services are available in a simple overview here .


I have already explained in the following video why I recommend the BIG direkt health insurance company:



There are also a few great service modules that make this health insurance company special – especially for young families and people who want to save money effectively:

  • € 100 to € 150 Bonus payment when you get a
    • private supplementary health insurance
    • accident insurance or
    • an occupational disability insurance

and have seen this insurance for the year, costs at least 100 €.


You have occupational disability insurance that costs around € 600 a year. Then you simply submit this premium invoice directly to Big via the app and receive it € 150 bonus refunded. Or you have private supplementary health insurance that costs 125 € over the year, then you get exactly this 125 € back from BIG – virtually free insurance :-)

It is only important that this insurance has an annual contribution of over 100 € have, unfortunately there is nothing else. But this is always the case with disability insurance and with most supplementary health insurances and accident insurances too.


  • free online sports programs (Gymondo, Mach-dich-krass or Sophia Thiel) are free with it
  • 24 hour service – easy, fast and online. Health insurance couldn’t be more direct
  • low additional contribution
  • easy filing of sick notes or bills via app
  • and much more…


My wife and meanwhile many other of my viewers are enthusiastic about BIG direkt and its strong service:

online geschäftsstelle 300x200 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company onlinetopkasse studenten 300x200 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company onlinesiegel bigdirekt 300x200 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company online

How exactly does the switch work?

The change from your existing health insurer to BIG Direkt will really be made with the help of the following instructions super easy to you.

The following steps have to be taken:

  1. 1. Termination of your existing health insurance
  2. 2. Applying for health insurance coverage directly to BIG
  3. 3. Use the advantages and enjoy :-)


You can find out how these steps look in detail in the following text. It really is very easily.

1. Termination of your existing health insurance

First of all, of course, you have to cancel your existing health insurance. If you have been with your current health insurance company for more than 18 months, you can cancel at any time with a 2-month notice period.

In practice this means:

For example, if you are on 03/11/2017 Submit your cancellation (form below) and your health insurance company to the earliest possible date If you cancel, it means that your current health insurance will end on January 31, 2018 and you have to start your new health insurance with BIG on February 1, 2018.

So just take the current date and count on it for the next two months and the last day of the second month that you count on is always the day on which your current health insurance will end.

And so you can easily calculate the end of your current health insurance and thus the start of your new health insurance with BIG directly.


About the following link you can now download the termination template for your current health insurance company that can be filled out on the PC. Here you can easily fill in all the data on the PC (the best way to do this is with the free Adobe Reader ).


Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 um 17.19.51 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company online


You can even digitally sign and create a digital signature using Adobe Reader. So you don’t have to print out the PDF and sign it (you can of course if you want :-))

Cancellation template that can be filled out and signed on the PC


When you have filled out and signed the notice of termination, simply send it to as a PDF kuendigung@versicherungenmitkopf.de with the subject “Termination of health insurance” – FINISHED!


I’ll take care of the rest for you here – you don’t have to do anything else here. Don’t run to the post office, don’t send anything anywhere. You will have your cancellation confirmation in the mail in a few days. That’s it for the termination :-)

2. Fill in the BIG membership application online

As the second – and actually last step – all you have to do is take that BIG membership application directly at BIG directly fill in online.


Again, I’ve made it as easy as possible for you. You can do this entire process 100% online without having to print anything here either. No signature is even necessary – the digital age makes it possible ;-)


The application process is already completely prepared for you and you only have to enter the requested data online. It is also important here that you complete the following point in the application process do not change or enter anything :


Bildschirmfoto 2017 10 31 um 11.11.00 - Simply switch to the BIG direkt health insurance company online


If you change something here, the application can no longer be assigned to your cancellation and the system would no longer work automatically. This is very important.


Here go to your online application.


Fill in all the necessary fields properly out. Since you do not yet have a confirmation of termination, you can leave the field blank or do not need to upload a document here. The BIG directly receives due to the professional letter of resignation A confirmation of termination from your previous health insurance company will automatically be sent from above.

3. Enjoy and take advantage of the benefits

That’s it! Very easy and painless :-)

I hope the process was really easy and comprehensible for you and that you can take full advantage of the great achievements and service of BIG.

If you have suggestions for improvement or something has not worked, please send me an email using the contact form. I am always happy to receive constructive criticism :-)

Your Bastian from Insurance with a head