Ottonova is one of the insurers that the sign of time understood. Digitization is also making an impact on the private health insurance not stop. As a completely new provider on the market, ottonova uses the advantages of not having to migrate any “legacy” to a digital platform. Rather, it was started directly there, which is unfamiliar to many compared to the process at other providers.


In our podcast “Insurance Whispers” we had in the Episode 65 the ottonova CEO Dr. Roman Rittweger Guest. Feel free to listen if you want to find out more about the insurance. You can also find a short one here on the page Article about the new, digital insurance company ottonova .


In order to throw off the fear of contact with digital media at this point, I would like to describe to you the way how a private health insurance with ottonova as an offer and can then also be concluded.


Secure connection with ottonova


The provider ottonova describes itself as “Digital private health insurance” . The digitization of the process also means that the selection and conclusion of the insurance also takes place digitally. No consultant, no paper documents, nothing analogous! What seems totally trendy and cool at first glance, however, scares one or the other interested person at second glance.


As the first indicator of a secure connection, you can use the ” https Understand “before the URL. This is evidence of one Security certificate , with which your visit to the site is secured. One can argue about how safe this is. However, https encryption is now considered the standard and prevents data from being tapped by the dark forces during your visit to the site.


It all starts with information about private health insurance


The ottonova website welcomes the visitor with a rather simple design, but one easy to use menu structure . Due to the focus on private health insurance, there is only the one button ” Find the right tariff “Which leads us as a visitor to the product.


ottonova anleitung startseite 1024x485 - Take out ottonova PKV online
Extract from the ottonova homepage


Via the menu selection ” Rates “You can see the respective Inclusive services look at. In the later process of selecting the right tariff, you will also get these options clearly displayed. The menu item is particularly suitable for those who want to know more about the private health insurance with ottonova want to inform. In this respect we choose the button “Find the right tariff” under Frank Thelen’s friendly smile.


Selection of the source of information on ottonova insurance


The following is a selection of different information that you can at the click of a button can select. These are logically structured in that the aim is to obtain information in the first box, “Find the right tariff”. The friendly gentleman at the top of the screen is the virtual assistant who guides you through the navigation.


ottonova virtueller assistent auswahlfenster 300x253 - Take out ottonova PKV online
Virtual assistant when choosing the ottonova PKV


If you click on this box, which is symbolically equipped with the magnifying glass, you get to a query mask. No data is saved at this point, but only required for an initial indication. So must with Gross salary for 2019 at least a value of 60,750 euros stand so the Option for private health insurance in the first place.


The age query and the question about professional status are required at this point in order to proper private health insurance to select. If you are selected as an employee, another selection field is added in which you have to enter your annual gross salary. If the value is below the above-mentioned 60,750 euros, in the next step you will be shown the “error message” that the requirements for taking out private health insurance are not met.


ottonova wir finden den passenden tarif - Take out ottonova PKV online
Screenshot ottonova page looking for the right tariff


Of the Self-employed must enter the number of his employees here. A college student If you want to take out private health insurance, you must indicate here whether you intend to work as a future civil servant with a yes-no-answer option. Officer as well as Civil servant candidate receive no further selection window.


For all interested parties, answering the question about the current insurance is mandatory in the field ” How are you insured “. The answer options here only consist of ” legally ” and ” Private “.


Do you want all-inclusive or price-conscious insurance?


Once you have completed all of the details, the “Next” button turns blue and you can select it. The virtual assistant then asks you whether you prefer private health insurance price conscious or included want to complete all services. We humans have always tended to one side, so that a selection is possible without further information.


svg+xml,%3Csvg%20xmlns%3D%27http%3A%2F%2Fwww.w3 - Take out ottonova PKV online
Selection: exit the wizard on the ottonova page


It is the result just an indication . You can switch to the other tariff at any time. If you are unsure about the point and do not want to select anything, you can cancel. To do this, select the ottonova symbol at the top left of your screen and choose “Exit assistant”.


You will be taken back to the initial screen. There you can have an overview of the two different tariffs under the menu item “Tariffs” and form an opinion.


Before you can see the tariffs here, however, you have to make a selection to indicate which professional group you belong to. In addition to the Full private health insurance further additional insurances that we do not want to consider here.


ottonova auswahl versicherungsnehmer - Take out ottonova PKV online
Selection from ottonova-PKV


If you select the button for employees and self-employed, you will receive an overview of the services on the next page. It is between “Business Class” and the “First Class” distinguished. As the logic shows, Business Class is the price-conscious tariff for you as the policyholder. In First Class there are correspondingly more services that you have to check for relevance for yourself.


Great transparency and depth of detail in the selection


I don’t want to go into the details of the insurance at this point. But you can choose “More details” both with full insurance for employees and self-employed and with the equivalent for civil servants very detailed overview to get. So everyone can find out about the right tariff in advance and make a selection.


If you are unsure, you can click on the “Find the right tariff” button again and click on the field at the bottom right “Free, personal advice” select. The required data for an appointment is recorded and an appointment request is made.


Now we come to determining the tariff for private health insurance


In addition to the included insurance benefits, in the end the most important thing for the interested party is that paying tariff important. Now that you have found out which tariff is the right one for you, the next step is to create your individual offer. To do this, select the button from your result of the virtual assistant “Calculate offer” out.


ottonova ergebnis angebot berechnen - Take out ottonova PKV online
Result of the tariff selection according to the information provided by ottonova PKV


In the overview that follows, the data you have entered will be displayed. You simply confirm this by clicking the “Next” button. If you have tried around a little with the tariffs beforehand, please make sure that the professional status is now correctly selected.


ottonova erster schritt tarifberechnung - Take out ottonova PKV online
First step in determining the individual tariff


On the next page you select the “full insurance” shown. You will then receive a new overview that you have to confirm. The start of insurance is determined based on the current date. This is the usual notice period from two months to the end of the month, which applies to statutory health insurances. For the self-employed and civil servants, the respective notice periods for the current health insurance apply and must be taken into account accordingly.


And then there is the ottonova range


In the next window there is already an offer for private health insurance for you as an interested party. The window still allows you to choose between Change tariff. You can also do the Deductible Increase from the pre-faded 10% to 25% and check to what extent the tariff has changed for you.


CAUTION : The tariff is only an initial indication. It can change / increase accordingly later based on your information.


ottonova ergebnis tarif - Take out ottonova PKV online
First indication for a personal tariff with an ottonova PKV


Under the offer you can find “Change details” a link. If you click on this you will get back to the question about your professional status and your annual gross income (in the event that you have previously selected “employee”). There you can change the information accordingly or go back further.


There are other options that you can choose from under the tariff offer. There are corresponding variants for Daily sickness allowance , of the Contribution relief in old age and the Compulsory care insurance . These may make sense under certain circumstances, but are in part already covered by employers or other insurance companies.


To that extent is the Selection at the point optional and to be checked by you in individual cases so that there is no oversized insurance. By clicking on the “Next” button, you get to the next page. Here you can have the offer sent to your email address by clicking on “Next” or create your profile and determine your personal offer.


Here you have to confirm your data again for the offer and the Authorize ottonova to send you an email for the offer to be allowed. After entering your email address and confirming by clicking the “Next” button, you will receive an email with the verification of your person.


Data security is a top priority


After you have received the mail and the Confirmation link you will be directed to a page where your mobile phone number is requested. This is necessary for you as a person clearly identified and no mess can be driven with your data. As a result, you can only receive the offer if the necessary data security is in place.


ottonova kontaktaufnahme handynummer - Take out ottonova PKV online
Confirmation of contact on the ottonova page


Important: You have to give your consent to contact us, otherwise the process will stop here. But this consent is “Freely revocable at any time” so that there is no disadvantage for you or a source of harassing calls. Rather, the insurer must comply with this so that he can even contact you digitally.


ottonova one time pin - Take out ottonova PKV online
Enter the ottonova one-time PIN


After entering the mobile number you will receive sent a PIN via SMS and you will be redirected to the next page. There you have to enter this PIN accordingly. This is to confirm your person and your own safety. After this is done, you dial in own, personal password for access.


ottonova passwort festlegen - Take out ottonova PKV online
Request to set the password for the ottonova access


You can see necessary entries marked in green above. These specifications are necessary for your password is as hard as possible to crack.


Your details for your private health insurance


So that the offer and the contract can be filled out correctly, it is now in the following steps necessary to fill in some of your personal information. You are in the protected area of the site, that you have protected yourself with your password.


This step is like an appointment with an insurance broker who records your data for the contract. The only difference is that your insurance broker is digital and accompanies you through the process as a virtual assistant.


ottonova abschluss persoenliche daten - Take out ottonova PKV online
End of entering personal data in the protected area


You can now see the at the top of the browser Process flow and the corresponding progress. The way is shown very clearly and understandably for you as a user, so that you don’t have to worry about ordering something with the next click.


You will be asked for further data on the next few pages. This includes your current type of insurance (private, statutory). It is also relevant since when this insurance has existed and whether it is still current or canceled.


Also the question of an open one Arrears is a legitimate question for the insurer, since the reliability of payments is logically a very important criterion. At this point, it is of course unnecessary to mention that unpaid insurance premiums may inhibit insurance coverage. As a result, you should always pay for your insurance on time, anytime.


It now continues with the input of data, which now revolve around your workplace. The first question asked here is in what kind of employment you are (employed, self-employed) and in which profession or branch of industry. If we assume here that you want to take out private health insurance as an employee, you must then enter your correct gross annual salary.


The information about the health check is necessary for your offer profile


While statutory health insurance has to accept every policyholder, they keep private insurers the right to refuse admission. This is a great advantage for you as a policyholder, as you only have to insure your personal risks, but not those of millions of other people on average. This may result in corresponding for people with private health insurance Cost advantages , because their personal risk profile differs from the average with a statutory health insurance and they have to pay less.


ottonova gesundheitspruefung - Take out ottonova PKV online
Necessary health check in the application process at ottonova


It applies to these questions honest to answer, as they are the basis for your offer. If it turns out later that your information is incorrect, the insurance benefit can be denied in case of doubt. In this respect, it is particularly important to spend time on the answers and to answer them truthfully.


Following the Answering the twelve questions you get your individual tariff. You can choose between the Business class and First class differ, as well as the corresponding deductible.


Individual options that can make perfect sense


In order to receive the final offer it is now necessary to Additional options to evaluate for yourself. It can Daily sickness allowance make sense with your individual cost rate. Often, however, there are solutions from the employer or even a wealthy financial situation that does not justify these costs. Here you have to evaluate yourself and make a decision.


The option of the Contribution relief to consider. The possibility is opened up from a certain age (64th year or 67th year of life) to reduce the contributions so that one earlier retirement the health insurance fees don’t stand in the way.


If you do not want to insure a child, you can then click on the next point. Check your details again. You confirm this by ticking the box “I’ve checked everything and want to continue”.


ottonova bonitaetscheck - Take out ottonova PKV online
Consent to the credit check at ottonova PKV


As already mentioned, it is about weighing up your personal risk profile. Hence it is important to the ottonova your credit rating to know so that she can assess the timely receipt of payments. Anyone who brings black sheep into their own ranks must cross-finance them through the contributions of all members. In this respect, it should be in your own best interest to have a good credit rating so that you get the best possible tariff and cheap insurance.


Don’t be alarmed at the final exam


Your data will now be checked. For this it is necessary that you confirm once that you want to check your application without a further conversation. In terms of navigation, you are of course free to make the offered conversation. In order to stay in the process flow here, I go to “Continue without a consultation”.


What happens now


Your entered data is now in the background of the virtual assistant checked against the general conditions. Someone who has denied everything and has answered the questions with a clear conscience as completely healthy and without any pretreatment will probably be forwarded to the application without further questions. However, the probability is relatively low that you have come through your life completely without any health insurance benefits in the past 10 years.


Whether it was a sports injury, teeth, or whatever, don’t be surprised the application process is interrupted at your location. A message comes up stating that the Ottonova is still going Queries has and you have one telephone appointment should agree. Anyone who cancels this step will be called by the friendly hotline and can arrange an appointment there.


Don’t be afraid of the appointment. The insurer is only concerned with completing your medical record and thus correctly recording your profile. It is noteworthy at this point that the hotline is in an application example reported very quickly to make an appointment for the following day. This, in turn, took place on time and without any evaluation. You can even choose whether you want to be used or accepted!


Complete your details for private health insurance


In the consultation itself, those points will be dealt with that emerged from the twelve questions ” noticeable ” were. The “noticeable” is not that bad, but, as already mentioned, only serves the holistic consideration. In our application example, we indicated a tooth crown that was still outstanding and a previous operation (abscess on the thigh).


ottonova gesundheitsangaben - Take out ottonova PKV online
Health information in the application example in the protected area


These data are entered into your profile together and coordinated as part of the telephone consultation and consultation. They are not hidden from you either, but you can call them in after the phone call your protected access area also see. In our application example, the tariff has not changed due to the entries!


This is not a guarantee that it will work for everyone. But it should be an expression of the fact that you don’t have to be afraid to reveal your “medical history”. At the very end you want an insurer who offers you a cheaper and better tariff and is solvent in the event of a claim.


Incidentally, in the application example, it was pointed out how the further course takes place. It was emphasizes very clearly that the insurance comes at the very end. You confirm the transaction by entering the security PIN, which is sent by SMS, and the button “order for a fee”.


So don’t be bothered by the wording in the phone call or on the page that you are talking about an application and the start of insurance. Until the final conclusion, these are only key data to determine the tariff for you.


Does the daily sickness allowance make sense with private health insurance?


During the telephone consultation, you will probably be asked about the option of daily sickness allowance. This possibility is a calculation example, which you should definitely work through beforehand.


While the statutory health insurances “compensate” you with the so-called sickness benefit for six weeks of illness (i.e. from the 43rd day of illness and thus the end of the continued payment of wages by the employer) with around two thirds of your net salary, this does not exist in private health insurance. Here you can (and should) insure a daily sickness allowance so that you can continue to receive an “income” in the event of illness lasting longer than 6 weeks. With the daily sickness allowance, you insure a daily rate, e.g. € 100 per day. This should be based on your normal income. Also remember that after the 6 weeks you also have to pay the full contribution to the private health insurance. Accordingly, the daily sickness allowance should be sufficient.




Monthly income that must be available: € 3,000 *

€ 3,000: 30 days = € 100 daily rate

* Take your individual value here and also take into account that you have to pay the private health insurance contributions in full if you are an employee.




Your personal offer for private health insurance


Now after you get your Health data confirm your whole personal offer including the options booked for it. This is what you have been looking for all along. From now on there are no more options for changes on the part of the health insurance company based on your medical history.


You can do the offer of course subject to change and especially play with the bookable options. In addition, you do not have to decide now, as the offer does not expire for the time being. In this respect, you can confidently do the at this stage Comparison with other insurance companies hire.


You can opt for private health insurance with ottonova at any time return to the point in your protected profile and resume the process at this point. Wear yours Bank details so that the insurance premiums can be paid accordingly.


ottonova eingabe bankverbindung 1 - Take out ottonova PKV online
Enter the IBAN in the application process


Then check your updated data again and confirm it. Make sure that the data is correct. The fact that the house number is incorrect certainly does not play a role in the insurance tariff. However, incorrect information about your health check does have it, which is why you can and should take your time here. If you have confirmed everything, it continues accordingly.


Relevant contract documents are available for download


The ottonova advertises to be the first digital health insurance. Strictly speaking, the slogan is: “The first purely digital private health insurance” . In this respect it is a bit “strange” on this part of the process, but nevertheless very consistent that the Contract documents for download Tobe offered.


Download the documents and confirm receipt and review at the click of a mouse. This is actually nothing more than when you have received the documents from your previous insurance broker, possibly checked and read them and then given your signature.


So don’t let that scare you. As a result, you are no longer more vulnerable or transparent than if you conclude the contract offline. In fact, it is actually easier to take out private health insurance online because you have the relevant documents directly in digital form have. If you are striving for the paperless office, you can upload it directly to the cloud of your trust. He does not have to send it to the post, nor does it have to be laboriously scanned in and filed as a postal reply. A cheer for digitization at this point.


ottonova download vertragsdokumente - Take out ottonova PKV online
Digital contract documents when applying for a private health insurance with ottonova


A welcome gift for you


In the next step, ottonova will retain for new insured persons Welcome gift already. You have to determine which one suits you better. In any case, you have to choose an offer, select it and then confirm it with the “Next” button.


ottonova move mind box - Take out ottonova PKV online
Select a welcome gift when taking out a private health insurance online at ottonova


On the last screen you see your data one last time. This is the payment data. The focus is on the relevant tariff and any options that may have been booked.


Only now could it be concluded


At the same time you will receive an SMS with a so-called Confirmation PIN from ottonova . Now enter this confirmation code in the field and confirm the step, the final insurance contract is concluded . You don’t need to stop here, you can simply exit the menu again if you don’t want to have the insurance.


The tariff shown is the one that covers you with ottonova. The comment shown above in the screenshot, where it says: “Your total monthly contribution. These costs include all risk and mandatory surcharges. There are no additional costs. ”So if you confirm the insurance contract here, you will receive exactly the selected and booked service.


ottonova versicherungsabschluss private krankenversicherung - Take out ottonova PKV online


By the way, after consultation in the consultation, some important information: You can call ottonova at any time and book additional services, add spouses or children. The insurance contract does not bind you for your life and your soul is not sold, but is just like any other contract.


No question about it, the scope is complex. And maybe it is for one or the other unfamiliar , because you sometimes have to provide very personal data. However, you are interested in a product that is far more complex than a new television or something similar. So you shouldn’t be put off but use the possibilities of digitization and take out your private health insurance online.