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You just arrived to Germany. You’ve become friends with your neighbors and they invite you and your family over for dinner one night. You bring your children along with you and while they’re playing, your daughter accidentally breaks your neighbors’ glass coffee table. They bought it from a custom furniture store and it was worth 500€. German private liability insurance would cover the cost of replacing the table. 

What is German liability insurance?

Private liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance in Germany. It protects you financially if you accidentally cause damage to another person or his/her property. 

In Germany, you are legally responsible for any damages you or your children cause. Therefore, if you live in Germany, you should have private liability insurance. 

Firstly, you should make sure that your private liability insurance offers customer support and contracts in English. You should also choose a provider that lets you manage your insurance completely online. 

How much does German liability insurance cost?

How much your German liability insurance will cost depends on the plan you purchase. In general, however, good liability insurance in Germany costs between 45€ to 75€ per year. Oftentimes, you can also purchase add-ons. For example, if you have a bicycle or drone, you can usually purchase additional coverage to insure these items.

What’s covered by liability insurance?

Each policy is a little different. Therefore, you should read your insurance policy to find out what exactly it covers. In general, however, German private liability insurance covers:

  • Personal and property damage
  • Protection against uninsured third parties
  • Damage to hired and borrowed property (For example, you hire a camera for a week for a holiday trip you’re going on. You fall and, as a result, the camera breaks. Your liability insurance provider would cover the cost of fixing or replacing the camera.)
  • Keys to rental properties (For example, if you lose the keys, your insurance provider would cover the cost of new keys and locks.)
  • Rented property damage
  • Football, cycling, skiing and more sports
  • Damages through internet use (For example, unbeknownst to you, your USB drive has a virus. You accidentally give the USB drive to your friend and spread the virus to his/her computer. As a result, the virus damages your friend’s computer and you are responsible for fixing it.)

What isn’t covered by private liability insurance?

German private liability insurance usually does not cover:

  • Damages associated to your workplace, job or volunteer work
  • Specific high-risk hobbies or activities
  • Legal fines or penalties (for example, a parking ticket)
  • Accidents when driving (covered by auto insurance)
  • Damages to your home covered under homeowners insurance (for example, damages to your floor)
  • Situations where family members accidentally injure each other or themselves

What’s the best German liability insurance for expats?

While there are many private liability insurance companies in Germany, not all of them are fitting for expats. Therefore, it’s important to know your options! In this article I will review three of the most common German private liability insurance companies for expats. Then you can choose the best option for yourself!


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Getting private liability insurance through COYA is easy because the entire process is in English and online! Therefore, many expats choose COYA as their insurance provider. In fact, COYA’s contracts, website and customer support are all available in English. In addition, you can get COYA private liability insurance for as little as 4.29€ per month. With this, you get premium coverage of 30 million euros! Expats like COYA because it’s easy to get insured and they offer good coverage. In fact, you can even customize your coverage! For example, if you have a bicycle you’d like to insurance, you can it onto your plan! You can get private liability insurance online and in just a few minutes on COYA’s website!


Haftpflicht-Helden (“Liability-Heroes”) is another great option for expats. Firstly, Haftpflicht-Helden covers you, your spouse and your children for only €6.00 per month! This comes to €72.00 per year, but you can use the code “KOPF4” to get a discount! If you use the code “KOPF4” when you buy Haftpflicht-Helden insurance, you can get one month free! However, there is one downside to Haftpflicht-Helden: their website is only available in German. They do, however, have customer support in English. In fact, you can ask customer support for help going through the process of buying insurance online through chat or phone. It’s easy to get Haftpflicht-Helden liability insurance!


You can get private liability insurance with Getsafe for only 4.70€ per month! Getsafe is another popular choice for expats because their website customer support and contracts are all available in English. In fact, with Getsafe you get coverage of 25 million euros! Getsafe private liability insurance also includes coverage abroad. This is important if you travel outside of Germany! You can get private liability insurance in English and in just a few minutes on the Getsafe website!

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