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Many people want to store their gold at home so that they always have access to it. If you are denied access to your safe deposit box for any reason, you will no longer be able to access your gold or other valuables. But if you store your gold at home, you should make sure that the gold is properly insured. Because if someone breaks into you and steals your gold, then you certainly want to have the damage compensated for you. And this is where good household insurance plays an important role. Comprehensive insurance coverage for your gold is only available if certain passages are included in the general insurance conditions and you pay attention to certain points when taking out the insurance. Below you can find out what you’re looking for here in the Household insurance you have to pay special attention and how and to what extent your gold can be insured.

Does the gold have to be kept in the safe?

You may have heard that your gold is only insured if it is in a safe or safe. But this is not entirely correct. Depending on the household contents insurance, it is possible to insure gold outside of a safe – up to certain insurance limits.

So if you don’t have a safe / safe at home, then you have to choose a household insurance tariff that also insures your gold outside of the safe.

Bildschirmfoto 2020 05 19 um 06.01.00 1024x178 - Storing gold at home - this is how you insure your gold properly!


Storing gold at home is also possible without a safe

As you can see in the screenshot, your gold would even be up to € 50,000 with a provider ( Ammerländer Excellent tariff ) insured – outside of a safe. With another provider only half of it. That’s why you have to look very carefully at the respective services here.

Information when taking out household insurance

If you take out your home insurance, please also make sure that you state separately the value of your valuables (gold and Co.). This is the only way to ensure that this value is insured more precisely. If your gold inventory changes over time, you should always adjust / post the amount accordingly. But pay attention to the maximum limits for benefits (e.g. 50,000 €).

Higher sums insured when stored in a safe

If you have a safe at home, the upper limits for insurance benefits can increase. This is also logical, since you store your gold even more securely or make it more difficult for a burglar to get to your gold.

Storing gold in a safe at home increases insurance benefits

Below you can see the various upper limits depending on the security level of the safe (using the example Ammerländer Excellent tariff)

gold zuhause lagern wertschrank tresor versicherung - Storing gold at home - this is how you insure your gold properly!

So if you really have a lot of gold at home, then the purchase of a corresponding safe can make sense. This is the only way to insure your gold in the appropriate amount.

Find the right insurance for your gold

As you have already seen, the Excellent rate from Ammerländer Versicherung may be a good choice for you. High insurance sums outside of safes and overall very good household contents insurance. The “Excellent” tariff is the highest possible tariff offered by Ammerländer Versicherung.

If you want to store gold at home, a tariff comparison is worthwhile

You can easily find other tariffs here compare and apply directly online.