What exactly is a brokerage contract, what is a power of attorney required for and what advantages do you have as a customer?

After I got a lot of questions on this topic, or to be more precise, I often got the question:

“Basti, would it be possible for you to be my contact person on the subject of insurance and if so, how would that work?”

Therefore today this video, or the blog article in which I explain the brokerage contract itself to you and how I have regulated this topic for myself.

What is a brokerage contract or power of attorney?

A brokerage contract is an individual agreement between the Insurance broker and the Customers , so you. There are rights and obligations for both sides.

The power of attorney is part of this contract and allows the insurance broker to change existing insurance contracts on behalf of the customer or to conclude new contracts – of course only after consulting the customer! This is very important. Many of the new insurance apps work in exactly the same way.

How is a brokerage contract structured?

The aforementioned rights and obligations of the broker and the customer are set out in the brokerage contract.

  • For example, the insurance broker has the right insurance coverage for you lens picks out the market offer
  • As a customer, you are then obliged to inform the broker about changes to your insurance or living conditions so that the insurance cover may be adjusted.

Further possible components of the brokerage contract:

– a data protection declaration that your data will be treated confidentially

– Exact selection of the insurance areas to be looked after

– List of insurances that already exist

– List of broker pools through which the insurance broker works or can work in the future

– the no remuneration is required by the customer for the brokerage contract

What are the advantages of a brokerage contract for you:

The brokerage contract gives you the advantage that you have exactly one contact person for all insurances, regardless of where you took them out at the time (except for a few direct insurers and insurers who cook their own thing).

All changes to insurances, new contracts or damage reports can then be processed via this without you as a customer having to spend a lot of time here.

What is very important here in my opinion:

You trust the person who gets the power of attorney from you. So you are convinced that they are doing a decent job.

What does this service cost you?

A brokerage agreement and a power of attorney are created for you no additional costs . The insurance broker receives a support fee for his work from the respective insurance company. However, this is already covered by the insurance premium that you pay. This is also not increased by the brokerage contract or the like. This point should also be recorded in the brokerage contract.

The brokerage contract is valid from the moment you sign it and can be signed by either party revoke at any time become.

How do I do that?

I only recently decided to accept brokerage contracts, as many of you have asked me whether I could be the contact person in the future when it comes to insurance.

However, I have one here Limit set on brokerage contracts . Since I’m not the classic broker who “only” drives to customers and makes appointments and then handles the paperwork in the office, but also needs a lot of time per week for the production and research of videos, this is only possible with a limited amount Number of brokerage agreements.

At the moment I’m also working on one completely free portal for you, in which you can log into the member area and then find all information, forms, etc. there that are important in order to then report a damage quickly and effectively, for example, or to change your insurance. But that will take a while. When this is done, you will definitely get an email here.

Simply subscribe to the following newsletter and you will be the first to know when the portal is online:

Otherwise it is also the case that I do not accept brokerage contracts from people who I do not know .

So don’t just send me brokerage orders here now :-) If we haven’t at least skyped, then it won’t work.

This is about trust and that must also be present on both sides ;-)

If this is an issue for you, you are welcome to write me an email using the contact form below and then in the next step you will get to know each other and can talk about a brokerage contract.

Otherwise you can of course do this with your trusted insurance broker, it doesn’t have to be me.

In any case, now you know what it is with that Brokerage and the Power of attorney has on itself.